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Karoline Copping Age (Jimmy Carr Wife or Girlfriend) Wiki, Married, Family
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Comfort really is not the first thing you think about if you are in a relationship with a comedian. Come on, just everything you say, everything you do is going to become material for stand-up and sometimes it might not be very good. Although there is a promise of the humorous passage of time, sometimes it might get weird.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you have never been with a comedian. But Karoline Copping has.

And I don’t know all the details because there is no possible way for me to know it all but seems like Karoline Copping is having a great time being together with Jimmy Carr, the British comedian.

Karoline Copping Age

Although we know that Jimmy Carr is currently 46 years of age through a credible source online, the same source has not revealed any information regarding Karoline Copping’s age.

When it comes to her age, I guess we all will have to be comfortable not knowing as of now. Who knows? She might disclose it to the world but as of now, we don’t know how old Karoline is.

Karoline Copping Wiki


The details of her birth are not known to anybody. However going back to her early life, Karoline was born in Canada.

Not a lot is known about her family but as the people remember the bitter bits more than the sweet ones, the available information on her family shines a light on really dark issues.

Wiki reports, her parents had broken up in the mid-90s and her mother had died of pancreatitis in 2001. However, she met Jimmy and t took a while before she really got smitten with him. But more on that later.

Karoline Copping Married and Family

Karoline Copping met Jimmy Carr for an interview gig in 2001 and she had never liked Jimmy. Jimmy’s style of offensive humor had always rubbed her the wrong way as she had considered Jimmy to be misogynistic. She might have roasted him better by saying that he had ‘the eyes of a rapist’. Wow! Maybe it was this dark humor and maybe the combination of her jokes and her looks, Jimmy was infatuated with her so much.

They are currently in a relationship and have lovely pictures of them together in a romantic outing in London and a few other places.

Even though they are dating for a long time now, they have not been comfortable about marriage and it’s their decision anyway.

So, Karoline Copping is not married with Jimmy Carr but they are in a lovely relationship. As of now, Karoline has Jimmy and maybe other relatives. Since her mother’s already dead and whereabouts of her father aren’t available online, that’s all we know of her family.