Karla Souza Husband Marshall Trenkmann Age? Find Their Net Worth & Children

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Karla Souza Husband Marshall Trenkmann Age? Find Their Net Worth & Children

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Marshall Trenkmann is an American banker. He is best known as the husband of the famous Mexican-American actress Karla Souza. If you are reading this post, then I assume that you are interested in knowing things about Marshall and Karla. Well, that’s what we are here for.

Now without wasting any more words and time, let’s just dive into the life of the couple.

Karla Souza Husband Marshall Trenkmann Age

So the thing is, we don’t know the exact age and birth date of Marshall Trenkmann. It’s not like we did not search for the information.

In fact, we visited a number of sites with information on Marshall. But none of them had the information about his age.

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However, we know that his wife Karla Souza is 33 years of age. And here is a picture of the couple. Now, if you can combine these things to guess the proper age of the banker, then you have a very special and unique capacity.

Just give it a try. Who knows if you’re the next big astrologer or something of that sort.

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Marshall Trenkmann Net worth

Different sources say different things about the net worth of Marshall Trenkmann. The figures vary on these sources. However, we will just assume an average figure from all the sources.

The estimated net worth of the American banker is around $7 million USD. That is the information as of February 2019. In a way, that is reasonable as he works as a credit risk director. And they say, with greater risk, there comes greater benefit. Apparently, his annual salary is around a Million Dollars.

Apparently, it seems like we do not have very fresh and reliable information on Marshall’s actual net worth.

In addition to that, Karla Souza possesses an estimated net worth of about $2 million. Add that to the worth of Marshall Trenkmann, and wee get a rich couple on our list.

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Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza Children and Married Life

The couple got engaged in December 2013 and they married in May 2014. However, this was not instant. It all happened after a long period of dating. After all, it’s good to know each other before marrying. Don’t you think so?

Recently, in 2018, the god gifted the couple with a beautiful daughter. The couple has named her Gianna Trenkmann. Karla also shared a picture of her and her daughter on her Instagram.

As the available information says, Karla Souza and Marshall Trenkmann share a very strong bond of love. They are supportive of each other and have a very healthy relationship. In fact, Karl credits a huge part of her successful career to her husband.

As a sign of love, Trenkmann has a habit of leaving cute notes saying things like ‘I hope your day goes well! I love you.’, and such things. I think that’s a very cute thing to do for the one you love. And also it helps to create a loving relationship. What do you think?

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