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Karla Crome
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Who Is Karla Crome How Old Is she her husband/ Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parent, Karla Crome Age Height, Weight Find More About Her .

Karla Crome is an English actress who has been making a place for her in the movie industry. And, ever since she featured on Amazon’s Carnival Row, people can’t help fall in love with her acting.

She has been acting as several roles on British Television. Hence, she is most popular for appearing in TV series like Misfits, Hit & Miss, and BAFTA Award-winning Murder.

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But, her performance in Carnival Row has bewitched people on another level. As a result, the number of her fans is growing by the day.

The show follows the story of a Victorian fantasy world. Similarly, it has a dystopian setting with mythological characters. And, its first season released on the 30th of August this year.

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And, in the show, Karla plays the character of Tourmaline Larou. Likewise, she stars alongside some famous actors such as Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom.

Karla Crome Ethnicity

The question of Karla Crome’s ethnicity might have arisen in many people’s minds. And, as you may have guessed, she has a mixed ethnic background.

She is of Irish and Afro-Jamaican descent. Moreover, she is Jamaican from her mother’s side and Irish from her father’s side. In this way, Karla belongs to more than one ethnicity.

Karla Crome Race (Carnival Row)


Ever since people noticed Karla in Carnival Row, they have been interested in knowing her race as well. After all, she has a biracial look.

Talking about Karla’s race, she is of a mixed-race. She was born to an Irish father and Jamaican mother. So, she is half Black and half British when it comes to her race.

Details on her Age

Karla Crome was born on the 22nd of June in the year 1988. Hence, she is 31 years of age as of now. But, she looks quite young for her age.

In the same way, her birthplace is London, England. Moreover, her full birth name is Karla Patsy Crome. In addition, her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Similarly, she graduated from Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts which is in London. And, she has a degree in arts.

Karla Crome Height

Likewise, if you are wondering about how tall Karla is, you have come to the right place. In TV, she looks as if she has a medium height.

According to, she has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches. Similarly, in meters, she is 1.6 meters tall. In this way, she is neither tall nor is she too short.

Karla Crome Boyfriend

When it comes to Crome’s relationship status, most people are oblivious. It is because there is no info available about her love life.

But, recently, the Sun-Times reported that she was seen with her boyfriend. And, apparently, they were looking around for engagement rings in some major jewelry stores.

So, the question is, is Karla thinking about her engagement? Well. we are not sure.

Until now, Karla has not spoken on this topic. So, we do not know if it is true or just another silly rumor. Therefore, we will only find out if Crome herself decides to speak on this matter.