Where Is Karen Sierra Now?  Jovanni Sierra Mother- Corey Johnson Stabbing Victim

Karen Sierra is the mother of Jovanni Sierra who was brutally murdered in 2018. Jovanni's friend Corey Johnson went on a stabbing frenzy stabbing three and killing Jovanni in the violent incident.

Following the unfortunate incident, Karen Sierra was trying her best to get justice for her son. She was also present in the court when the jury gave their verdict.

Corey Johnson was found guilty of first-degree murder for the fatal stabbing of his friend Jovanni Sierra. On January 13, 2022, he was sentenced to life in prison. Sierra was only 13-years-old when he was stabbed to death by his friend.

Furthermore, he was found guilty of two other counts f attempted murder after he attacked another 13-year-old Dane Bancroft, and her mother, Elaine Simon.

Karen Sierra Husband: Who Is Her Partner?

Karen Sierra's husband's details are currently unavailable.

She has yet to reveal her husband's details to the public. We also could not find any information about her partner on any of the platforms either.

Sierra might be a single mother as we have no information about her husband. But we are not certain as no valid statements are supporting our claims.

Whatever the case, we have no information about her partner. We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

What Is Karen Sierra Age?

Karen Sierra's age is also unknown as of yet.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Sierra available on the web. She is also not available on social media platforms which has made it more difficult to get any information about her.

We hope to update more information about her as soon as possible.