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Kamilla Kowal Wikipedia, Ethnicity - Actress & Model from Canada
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Kamilla Kowal is a Candian actress and model. Basically, she is famous for her few but eye-catching roles in films and series.

Her notable role came from Tv series ‘Letterkenny‘ in 2016. Apart from this, she has also featured in ‘The New Romantic‘ and ‘American Hangman’.

At a very young age, she seems to rise up as one of the best up-and-coming actress and model.

Her ascending career shows her potential. It’s just a matter of days when she will have her biography written in Wikipedia.

Here are all the facts you need to know about Kamilla Kowal.

Wikipedia doesn’t have a biography page on Kamilla Kowel

It’s quite surprising to see that at her prime, Kamilla Kowel doesn’t own a biography page on Wikipedia.

However, it does mention on the cast of the show ‘Letterkenny’. Nonetheless, she deserves her biography on the platform.

Some of the other online platforms have some facts on her biography though. For instance, her IMDb profile gives brief facts on her career and physique.

According to multiple online sources, Kamilla was born some time of the year 1993. Likewise, she is a native of Cambridge, Canada.

She was raised there by her parents. Although, details on them is not available for now. Similarly, there is no information about her siblings and friends.

Kamilla Kowal attended St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School. During her high school studies, she got fascinated towards acting career.

Therefore, she joined  ‘Charm Plus’ in 2009 at the age of 10. She used to attend the acting classes in the agency.

Did you know Kamilla Kowal belongs to multiracial ethnicity?


It’s quite normal for a model and actress to be appalling with a sexy figure. However, in the case of Kamilla, it’s a different story.

Kamilla Kowal’s multiracial ethnicity has made her a natural model. In fact, her 32-26-32 figure matches perfectly with her height of 5 feet and 6 inches like a ring to a finger.

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On top of that, she has a slender and slim body with a weight of 52 kg.  Additionally, her hazel eyes and brown hair with a cute smile is a scenery itself.

Descending from the Central European, Romanian and Polish family tree, she has multi-race in her blood and genes.

The 26-year-old actress catches the eye of every audience. No wonder Kamilla Kowal has tons of crushes commenting on her Instagram posts.

Kamilla Kowal is an actress and model from Vancouver, Canada – her bio

As mentioned before, she has set her name in an acting career with just a few roles. As a matter of fact, she is also quite a famous model in Canada.

Basically, she features in the fashion and modeling programs in and around Canada. Moreover, she also models in the United States and France.

Despite possessing the Candian nationality, her career revolves around the globe. Apparently, it is the story of every model and actress.

She spends most of her time modeling in New York and Paris. However, her acting career is mostly around Canadian TV shows and movies.

She has already featured in ‘Letterkenny’, ‘The New Romantic’, and ‘American Hangman’. Moreover, she has also acquired roles in ‘Secrets in a Small Town’, ‘Winter Love Story’ and ‘Web of Lies’.

Her IMDb profile has 6 acting credits for hr brief but fruitful career. In fact, she has just started her engine and has tons of miles to cover in the days to come.