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Kaitlynn Carter Jenner Net Worth, Age, Wiki - Is She Gay or Lesbian? Brody Jenner Ex Facts
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Kaitlynn Carter Jenner is on the news recently. She was pictured kissing the pop star Miley Cyrus in a recent photo. This comes as a shock to all her fans as just earlier, she was married to American television personality, Brody Jenner.

Miley too just announced her separation with her husband Liam Hemsworth. The marriage lasted about a year. Fans were surprised after there were pictures of her locking lips with a woman while on a vacation.

Brody responded to the picture of her ex kissing by posting a photo on Instagram. He captioned the photo “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”. Additionally, he also joked that pictures of him and Liam holding hands on the beach will be coming soon.

He separated with his partner a week ago. The separation came after there were reports that he did not want a baby and a legal marriage.

Here we have collected some information regarding Kaitlynn and her career so far.

Kaitlynn Carter Jenner’s Net Worth

There are no details available relating to Kaitlynn Carter Jenner’s current net worth. She is an Instagram model and a blogger.

Moreover, she probably makes a decent sum of money through her social media presence.

She has more than 800 thousand followers on her Instagram. Moreover, she has featured multiple products on her account. This has helped her adequate earnings over the years.

Furthermore, she is the founder of selfeofficial. She has also appeared on the show The Hills: New Beginnings.

Her Age (30 Years)


Kaitlynn Carter Jenner is 30 years of age. Additionally, she was born on September 4 of 1988.

Wikipedia, Bio

Kaitlynn Carter Jenner does not have a wiki page. People mainly associate her with her ex-partner.

She was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Her parents are Mark and Michelle Carter. Furthermore, she is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.

She married him at a resort on Sumba Island. They previously dated for 5 years before tying the knot.

The pair remained married for 14 months. Although there are several reports of their marriage in Indonesia, some sources claim that they were never legally married.

She is also active on Twitter. There, she has more than 3 thousand followers.

Is Kaitlynn Carter Jenner Gay or Lesbian?

After the recent photos of her kissing Miley, fans have questioned regarding Kaitlynn’s sexuality. She was previously married to a guy.

This sudden change in her sexuality has shocked her fans.

Miley Cyrus has had multiple lesbian relationships. However, this might be the first experience for the 30-year-old reality star.

Kaitlynn Carter Jenner has not come out publicly as gay. She was together with her husband until some weeks earlier.

Maybe she is just collecting some experiences along the way. This might just be experimental after all.

Some Facts on Brody Jenner’s Ex

Here are some facts of Brody Jenner’s Ex.

She is a television personality and a social media star.

People mostly recognize her for her appearances on the show The Hills: New Beginnings. She has appeared in eight episodes of the show.

Additionally, she has also appeared in other shows like Entertainment Tonight and The Making of SlickforceGirl.