Kaitlyn McCaffery Accident

The fans have been saddened to hear the news of Kaitlyn McCaffery being in a tragic accident.

Kaitlyn was in a scooter accident in Bali, Indonesia, and currently, she is in a coma, fighting for her life. According to her mother, she was found by the side of a remote road in Bali on July 31.

After Kaitylyn's International Insurance has denied paying the amount to evacuate her to California, different funding pages are reaching out for her. 

The page Gofundme had set a donations goal of $250, and with the help from people around the world, they have officially crossed their goal reaching a total of $300k donations. 

Find Kaitlyn McCaffery Instagram Account

Kaitlyn McCaffery's followers on her Instagram account are rapidly growing at the moment as her tragic incident has hit the internet.

Her Instagram account is available as @fearlesstravelers which has a total of 1.3k posts at present. Similarly, her follower count has crossed 9.9k and will soon hit the 10k mark.

She is a traveler, blogger as well as an Entrepreneur who co-founded her company, Sun Fara. 

Kaitlyn McCaffery Age

The young blogger Kaitlyn McCaffery is just 27 years old. 

She was born in America to an American family.

Kaitlyn Boyfriend

Kaitlyn is currently in a relationship with her travel buddy, Caleb. He has also linked the gofundme site on his Instagram site so that more people could reach her. 

Details On Kaitlyn McCaffery Parents

Kaityln's mother, Janine McCaffery, said she and her family are trying their best to bring her home. 

And because of the current covid situation, Indonesia has been blocking visas' which has barred Kaitylyn's family to visit her. Her mother said that she wants her daughter back and nothing more. 

Is Kaitly McCaffery On Wikipedia?

There isn't a dedicated Wikipedia page on Kaitly McCaffery's biography.