Kai Knapp Age (Alexis Knapp’s Daughter) Height, Wiki, Birthday, Parents

Kai Knapp is just a small kid who is in fame because of her single mother Alexis Knapp who has been recognized by the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’. Her mother is a super talented and independent actress of Hollywood.  She has raised her alone until date.

Kai Knapp Age (Alexis Knapp’s Daughter) – 7 Years Old

Kai Knapp is a 7-year-old cute kid of celebrity parents.

Kai Knapp Height – Unknown

Kai Knapp height has not been revealed.

However, in her picture, she seems to have an average height of a normal child.

Kai Knapp Wiki

Kai Knapp’s full name is Kailani Merizalde Phillippe Knapp. She was born in the year 2011. Her parents are well known in the Hollywood industry. Her mother is an American actress and TV personality Alexis Knapp and name of her father is Ryan Phillipe.

She is a single daughter of the couple. Her parents got separated in the year 2010. However, her mother decided to give birth to her no matter of their breakup.

She is a young kid who is attending her primary education. Her school’s name is hidden. Currently, she stays with her mother. The mother-daughter are seen traveling and having fun over the social accounts of Alexis Knapp.

Kai Knapp Birthday – July 1

Kai Knapp full birth date is 2011, July 1. 

Kai Knapp Parents

Kai Knapp parents names are Alexis Knapp and Ryan Phillipe who are American celebrity.

The couple was not married when they have their first child. They broke up in 2010. Their relationship lasted just a couple of month. Although Alexis was carrying the baby of Ryan, she did not decide to abort the child but rather thought of giving birth.

Her mother Alexis an American star and model. She has done many movies and TV series.

Alexis birth created big headlines in Hollywood industry. As both Alexis and Ryan were a public figure and were involved in the TV industry, the news became a huge shock.

Later, her father, Ryan was married to one of the finest actresses of Hollywood Reese Witherspoon.

Kai Knapp and mother Alexis Knapp Relationship

Kai Knapp has a strong bond with her mother Alexis Knapp, as she has raised her all along.

Despite such a tragic breakup of her parents, her mother did not give up on her and thought of giving birth to her.

There are adorable pictures of her and her mother in the social account of Alexis. They are seen traveling to places and enjoying their moment.

There is a recent post of her daughter in her Instagram account in which they are spending time in California.

Kai Knapp Net Worth

Kai Knapp is just a 7-year-old kid and has not done any work. Thus, there is no earnings and income of her own til now.

But her celebrity parents have earned a huge amount of fortunes in their life. her mother has a net worth of $5 Million.

As she stays with her mother all of her fortunes is equivalent to hers.