Kafia Styling Hollywood Instagram :: Kafia Ahmed JSN Studio, Age, Wiki

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Kafia Styling Hollywood Instagram :: Kafia Ahmed JSN Studio, Age, Wiki

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Style and Hollywood, these two have a relationship like that of the nail and flesh. Though how realistic actors, actress or any tinsel town celebrities wish to be, stylish comes along them. Or it’s simply, they choose to look good. In general, these two can’t get a long way without each other.

There are several stylists in the business, and we can’t think to name them, well. But, from the woods, we today have a popular stylist in the showbiz industry, Kafia Ahmed. The gorgeous lady is one of the successful stylists in the industry. Despite this, Kafia recently came to the mainstream following her appearance in Netflix’s Styling Hollywood.

Styling Hollywood is a TV series co-created by Jason Bolden and his partner Adair Curtis. Netflix’s series showcases the professional of stylist and how they broke into Hollywood.

Continue with the article to find out more about Kafia Ahmed.

Kafia Ahmed From Styling Hollywood: Instagram

The American-American stylist, Kafia Adhem appeared in the first episode of Season 1 of Styling Hollywood, Black Girl Magic. Since then the viewers of the TV show have been wondering about Kafia.

As she debuted on Styling Hollywood, it’s obvious that Kafia has got a character. For instance, she is pretty candid. She is mainly working at JSN and is best friends with Adair. Well, she is quite passionate about pursuing a solo career in the industry.

The lady seems to have a great fan following on social pages given her filed her profession. Stylists are known to promote their designs and works through social pages, often. However, Kafia who needs no introduction doesn’t seem to enjoy a huge fan following on her Instagram at the moment.

She is active on Instagram as callmekafia that has a fan base of 2.9k and counting.

Well, she isn’t pursuing her solo career, so this might be the case why she doesn’t seem to promote her designs.

Additionally, she often pops up on JSN’ studio’s official Instagram page.

Stylist Kafia Ahmed – JSN Studio

She is popular for her work in background planning and is quite open when it comes to her love for the JSN studio.

While she isn’t pursuing her solo career, Kafia Ahmed seems focused at JSN Studio for the time being. Kafia is good friends with Adair Curtis, one of the founding members of JSN Studio.

Though JSN is the abbreviated form of Jason Bolden, Adair is the leading figure for the company. Having a close relationship with one of the leading hierarchical figures of JSN Studio surely have paid Kafia.

How Old is Kafia? Age

Kafia Ahmed rose to fame after her appearance in Styling Hollywood. Despite this, she has been together with the JSN Studio for a long time.

Given her popularity, it comes as a surprise that the details of her birth, early life and parents aren’t public yet.

The lady seems to enjoy a low key persona life, contrary to her fame and popularity.

Though the details of her age at present isn’t available, Kafia seems to be in her 30s, judging from her looks.

The American-African lady stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 61 kg. Likewise, Kafia’sย net worth is $2 million, as of 2019.

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