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Kadi Flagg Age, Wiki (Alligator Frank Robb Girlfriend) Family, Net Worth, Bio
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Kadi Flagg is a name not many knew until this July. She is known for being the girlfriend of Frank Robb who removes crocodiles from public places. Robb recently came in the spotlight after he removed a crocodile from Humboldt Park on the evening of the 9th of July, 2019.

After this action of his, he suddenly came in the spotlight. Many girls started openly showing their feelings for him after the incident which is not surprising, to be honest.

But, there’s this one girl who could take away his heart, Kadi Flagg.

Kadi Flagg Age: She is Possibly 30 years old

Kadi Flagg might be 30 years and above while Frank Robb age looks in between 40-45.

Who is Kadi Flagg? Her Wiki and Bio


Kadi was totally unknown to people until she started dating Frank Robb. So, at present, there are not enough records about her on the internet. Hence, from as much as we know, we would like to share something about her with you.

Kadi Flag is from Humboldt Park, Chicago. And, currently, she is dating Frank Robb. Sadly, this is all we know about her at the moment.

Talking about Rob, he is from Florida. He is around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. He has grown mustache and beard on his face. For his studies, he went to Eastern Florida State College to study Biomedical Sciences.

Professionally, he has been working as a crocodile trapper for 24 years now and feels grateful to be a part of this job. He has been able to catch many crocodiles in Florida. However, his recent achievement in Chicago of catching Chance The Snapper is what people are talking about.

He has recently become a local celebrity in Chicago. Though he is not from there, he is frequently traveling to Chicago to meet her new girlfriend Kadi. He likes dogs and has 3 pet dogs.

Kadi Flagg and Alligator Frank Robb

They started dating recently after the incident in July. The two met coincidently. Kadi’s reaction towards reptiles was what Frank loved about her. As a person with reptiles as a part of his life, he did not want to date someone who would not be comfortable around them. And, Kadi was the woman he needed at that moment.

They are in a long-distance relationship. And Frank often travels to Chicago to meet her.

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Back to Florida time ?

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How much is Kadi’s Net Worth?

Since we do not know about Kadi’s profession, we do not know about Kadi Flagg income and net worth as well.

But, about Frank’s net worth, we assume that he earns a pretty decent amount from his work. After 24 years in this field, he has gained experience of the same year. He has trapped a number of crocodiles and continues to do so. He just doesn’t trap the reptiles, he also has soft corners for them.

Even after doing this work for such a long time in Florida, he hadn’t received enough recognition. But trapping, Chance The Snapper in Chicago made him a celebrity over the night. He was in the news and in the talks of many.

This crocodile trapper, however, is very shy and quiet. He does not like to talk too much. Also, he has not said much about his current relationship as well.

So for now, let’s hope we will get more information about the couple soon.

Social media Presence

At present, we have not been able to find Kadi on any of the social media sites. Nonetheless, her boyfriend Frank has his personal Instagram. There he posts the pictures of the reptiles and also his girlfriend. He is also active on Facebook.