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American born singer Kaci Battaglia has not released any music for the past four years. But that doesn’t mean the music industry has forgotten her international hits like Paradise and I Think I Love You or the fact that she was only fourteen when she released her hit single, Paradise. Born on October 3, 1987, Kaci has been taking a hiatus from her music career since 2010. It has already been more than a decade that she first started her professional music career and has already enjoyed almost ten years of love from her fans. Even before she became popular all over the country and the UK, she had made a name for herself in her local community with her independent album called A Thousand Stars.

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, Kaci has been signed to Curb Records since the age of 12 but she has been performing for the better half of her life. She had a southern upbringing and has Italian, German and American roots from her parents. She has been singing since she was a toddler. After signing to Curb Records, she went to travel Europe soon after and enjoyed success there. She returned to the states after a couple of years and settled down in Los Angeles. Her recent hiatus is not the only break she’s taken in her career. At eighteen she put her music career on hold to go study International Politics and Economic in Cambridge, United Kingdom and made a successful comeback in 2009.

Kaci released her debut album titled A Thousand Stars independently which her mother helped to produce. The success of her songs on the album became stepping stones to being offered a record deal. She was only eleven then and was already on the lookout for potential record deals. She attracted the attention of Joel Diamond with whom she went on to record a demo which would later be her internationally successful cover, Paradise, produced by Walter Turbitt and Brian Rawling. Mike Curb of the Curb Records heard the demo and signed the then 12 year old Kaci to his label. In 2001, she became a pop sensation in the United States with her hit Paradise which was a cover song for the original soundtrack of Phoebe Cates’ song in 1982’s Paradise. The song also peaked at number 11 internationally. She released her second song in the UK that year and her next single, I Think I Love You, originally by David Cassidy, became the first top 10 single for the artist. In the US, she released Intervention Divine in April 2001 which became a hit likewise. She was named the Upcoming Break Out Artist by the Teen Choice Awards that year. Her debut studio album called I’m Not Anybody’s Girl was released in 2002. Over the next few years, she performed as an opening act at tours for artists like Backstreet Boys, O-Town, Atomic Kitten, Jessica Simpson, Bow Wow and Samantha Mumba. She went on to tour internationally with I Think I Love You in countries like Japan, Germany, Ireland and England. After her hiatus, her comeback album Bring it On was released in 2010. Crazy Possessive from the album became a chart topper at Billboard Dance and another single Body Shots was also received extremely well. Her songs have been featured in the 2005 movie The Perfect Man and The CW series One Tree Hill.

In 2010, Kaci was recognized as a Fresh Face of Music by OK! Magazine. She supported Music Unites in collaboration with bebe. She had already shown her philanthropic side at the release of A Thousand Stars by donating a part of her earnings to build houses for the poor.

Throughout her career, Kaci has been able to achieve success. Kaci hasn’t been active in releasing music for a few years now but if she were to get back on track she would without a doubt give her counterparts a run for their money.