Who Is Justine Sacco? What Happened To Her? All You Need To Know

Justine Sacco Wikipedia Age Husband And Family: Where Is She Now?

Justine Sacco, formerly a PR executive for the Intenet giant InterActive, was fired over a tweet evoking AIDS and race back in 2013. Read the article to know what she is doing now.

Justine Sacco posted the tweet before her flight to Africa erupted while she was in mid-flight with no internet access. The tweet read: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!

Is Justine Sacco on Wikipedia?

Justine Sacco is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Nonetheless, one can gain enough insight about her through this article.

She worked as VP of Communications at FanDuel, which is an innovative sports-tech company.

But her Twitter mishap still haunts her to this day.

Later she tried to explain that her tweet was not intended to be racist and that living in America puts people in a bubble. She was making fun of that bubble, but sadly there was no going back from her misguided tweet.

Justine Sacco Age: How Old Is She? 

Justine Sacco age seems to be in her mid-30s.

Though she has not yet revealed any details regarding her age or date of birth, judging from her photos, we can assume her to be around 35-38.

Unfortunately, she is not on any of the social media platforms. This must be because of her tweet disaster.

Therefore, we don’t have many details on her as she is not on any platforms.

Justine Sacco Husband And Family

We are not sure if Justine has a husband.

Justine Sacco has not disclosed any information regarding her relationships or family. 

Since she is not on social media, we don’t have any other details regarding her family. She must have chosen to keep her personal life private.

Where is She Now?

Justine Sacco is now working as the Chief Communications Officer of Match Group.

It is an American internet and Technology company.

The company owns and operates the largest global portfolio of online dating services, including Tinder, Match.com, Meetic, OkCupid, Hinge, and over 45 global dating companies.

It is owned by the same company she was fired, and due to her professionalism and diligence, she has been given a second chance. She earns a remarkable salary from the company.