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American actress and singer, Juliette L. Lewis has cemented her career delivering the praise-worthy performances in numbers of big-screened movies and TV productions. Aside the wonderful performances, her repellant and alternatively attractive looks are the key factor for her success in the Hollywood movie industry. She was born on 21st June, 1973 in Los Angeles, California of United States to a graphic designer, Glenis Batley and an actor, Geoffrey Lewis. She was brought up with the four siblings that include two sisters: Brandy and Deirdre and two brothers: Peter and Lightfield. As her parents separated just at two years of her marriage, she along with four of her siblings’ childhood days wasn’t so much enjoyable but had their spent time intermittently with both the father and mother. Her parents encouraged her to artistic sensibilities and she grew up having penchant for drama and had dreamed of becoming actress.

Brought up in the conflicts between her parents, more stubbornness had developed in Juliette rather than loyalty. However, her acting dreams had never separated from her. While growing up, she was influenced to the addiction like marijuana smoking which she started at 13 years of age which developed serious problem and finally led her to stay in Florida Church of Scientology detox center at the age of 26. Now, she is the outspoken supporter of Scientology. She has been standing against the psychiatric drugs and also been advocate of natural solutions and Eastern philosophies. Talking about her intimate relationships, she had shared a romance with actor, Brad Pitt for three years from 1990 to 1993. She was married to Steve Berra, a professional skateboarder in 1999. But the couple couldn’t remain in the consummated relationships for long time and separated with legalized divorce in 2003.

Juliette simply began her acting career in 1987 landing the guest role in several episodes of ‘The Wonder Years’. After that, she played the character of Audrey Griswold in ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’. She shot into fame in 1991 portraying as Danielle Bowden in remake of Martin Scorsese’s movie ‘Cape Fear’. For her commendable role, she gained Oscar and Golden Globe Award’s nomination. Later, she starred in Woody Allen’s movies including ‘Peter Medak’s Romeo Is Bleeding’ and ‘Husband’s and Wives’. At the same time she had also starred opposite to Brad Pitt in movie ‘Kalifornia’. She had played alongside Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCarpio in drama movie ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ and after then starred as Mallory Knox in movie ‘Natural Born Killers’. In 2003, she gained Emmy nomination for performing in movie ‘Hysterical Blindness’.

Apart from acting, Juliette’s also has passion in music. Bored by performing in movies, she believes that music is the eventual thrill to the entertainers. She began her musical journey as the lead singer for the American band ‘Juliette and the Licks’. Being a stage persona, singing style has been noted by many people and appreciated as well. She performs aggressively in the stage and her performances are characterized by the punching and several stage dives. Till date she has four studio albums in her credits that includes ‘…Like a Bolt of Lightning’, ‘Four on the Floor’, ‘You’re Speaking My Language’ and ‘Terra Incognita’. Besides these, she has performed as back-singer in several music icon’s famous albums and singles. Philanthropically, she has been an advocate to a non-profit making organization named ‘Little Kids Rock’ that has aimed to revitalize and restore the music education in local schools throughout US launching the various programs like painting Fender Strat guitar and raising funds. From varieties of acting jobs based in TVs and big screens and also with the release of several albums, she has accumulated much more into her credits. The estimated net-worth of Juliette amounts to $25 million.

The actress has already celebrated the 41st year of her birthday but she still appears to be delightful, young and elegant. These factors have played a key role for her sustainability as the Hollywood’s leading actress as well as singer. Her equal commitment in both the musical and acting scene has been most noteworthy point to her recognition. Her fans can learn her detailed biography in wiki and several other internet sites.