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The Christian musician Julianna Zobrist who is best known as the wife of Ben Zobrist is recently flaring in the media with the news of their divorce. Said to be the power couple, they have filed for divorce in different states on 13 May 2019 as per the court records.

Married to Major League Baseball (MLB) utility player Ben, Julianna filed for legal separation in Cook County.

Likewise, Ben requested in Williamson County, Tennessee for granting him freedom from his marriage with “The Dawn” singer where he and Julianna got married in December 2005. As the Christian music star has managed to delete her photos with the Cubs utilityman, she has also removed her Twitter account.

As per the Tennessean filing, Ben is unsure if the marriage can be recovered while he has also reported accusing Julianna of being “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which renders further cohabitation impossible”. The law explains inappropriate marital conduct as the other half has caused ache, suffering or sorrow to their spouse and persisted cohabitation indecent, unbearable, excruciating, or impermissible.

Though Ben hasn’t been known to appoint any lawyer for this notorious divorce his soon-to-be ex-wife has already hired Karen Krehbiel. Krehbiel is a well-known lawyer who works at Berger Schatz and previously served for Kenneth Griffin during his divorce with Anne Dias Griffin.

The couple who stated earlier that they never stay over six days away from each other has now decided to part their ways no matter what their rules and how strong their bond was.

Met via Instant Messenger in early 2000s, the about to be divorced couple Julianna Zobrist & Ben Zobrist has 3 children, two daughters, and a son.

A few days before, Ben also missed his spring training with the Cubs citing his absence a “personal reason” and later the news broke about their shocking divorce files, ending 14 years long glorious marital story.

While it seems that Julianna, who sang God Bless America” before the World Series 2016, needs a blessing for saving her family and as she has also published negativity combating book “Pull it Off” she better knows what is good for her at this tensed situation.

Julianna Zobrist Age – 34 Years Old

Julianna Zobrist was born on 5 October 1984 and her current age is 34.

Plays a Christian pop style and Christian EDM, she looks much younger and versatile despite her growing age and being a mother of three young kids.

A native of Florida, she is blessed with breathtaking gorgeous looks and well-toned curvy physique which she tucks well in high-fashionable glamorous wears. She has long blonde hair, fair skin tone, and blue eyes.

Julianna Zobrist Height


Regarded as one of the successful and charming artists in the music scene of US, Julianna Zobrist stands with a tall height and considerable weight.

She has a fantastic slim body built and alluring facial features with a prominent dimple. Her fashion sense and makeup skills are what get her appraisal from the beholders apart from her singing aptitude.

Julianna Zobrist Boyfriend

Julianna Zobrist married her boyfriend Ben Zobrist after dating for five years, however, their marriage seems to come at the end following their separate divorce files.

Moreover, there has also fuelled up the rumors regarding Julianna’s extramarital affairs after Ben filed divorce citing “inappropriate marital conduct” on Monday.