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Judith Olivia Dench widely renowned as Judi Dench is the famed English actress of film, theatre and television. Dench blessed with the breath taking beauty as well as natural acting capacity made her career start with Old Vic Company in 1957. This stunning is mostly recognized for her portrayal in James Bond movies. Dunch has played in the franchise from the Golden Eye to Sky Fall. This magnificently attracting lady was born on 9th December 1934 in Yorkshire in England as Judith Olivia Dunch. Judi is the daughter of Eleanora Olive and Reginald Arthur Dench. She belonged to the working class family where her father was Doctor. The notable name in her family includes the names such as Jeffery Dench and Emma Dench where Jeffry is her brother . Emma Dench is her niece who is well renowned as Romanian historian who currently serves as professor at Harvard University.

The beautiful and dazzling Judi is the graduate of Mount School which was an independent Quaker secondary school. It was where she became Quaker. Judi who has been able to establish herself as one of the Britain’s greatest actress of the after war tenure has been successful to name herself in the number one position for than once in the census of best actress. Because of her parents where her father was York Theatre GP and her mother its wardrobe mistress, Dench was able to view theatre world from her childhood. During her course of career span, she has show her phenomenal performance through Shakespeare’s play that includes the name likes Romeo and Juliet where Judi was portrayed as Juliet, Hamlet where her character name was Opheila and Macbeth as Lady Macbeth. However, these names don’t limit her outstanding performance. Judi has also worked in the several notable films winning the Most Promising Newcomer in BAFTA. But during that period, the actress centralized herself in the stage performance. As she is not a popular singer or musician but we can’t forget her phenomenal performance in Cabaret in 1968. Her 2012 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was also among her one of her notable movies. With the successful career in theatre, movies and television Dench is able to raise her net worth of $ 35 million.

Taking about her personal life, Judi is the widow of the husband Late Michael Williams. Michael was also the famous British actor of that period. The marriage ceremony of this beautiful pair took place on the 5th February 1971. The couple together had performed in the several theatre ventures including the romantic sitcom of Bob Larbey’s A Fine Romance. The couple together has only one son born on 24 September 1972 as Tara Cressida Frances Williams. However, he is popular as Finty Williams. We are unaware about her anti martial affairs, boyfriend or if she had been through divorce.

This gorgeous James Bond actress is in 78 years of her life standing at the height of 5ft 1 inches. Though she is in the late 70’s of her age, she has been able to hide those wrinkles and has always appeared as women in her 40’s in front of media. There has been rumored about her been through plastic surgery, Botox and other cosmetic surgery: however, the actress has never accepted the claim. Judi has also inked her body with the tattoo which she loves to flaunt. She was seen flaunting dazzling Swarovski crystal tattoo in the right hand side of her neck in the skyfall premier. The actress who loves to experiment several hairstyle recently is seen in the short hair cut which has taken her beauty to its upmost level. She has been able to set her haircut trademark as pixie cut.


The more and additional information about her can be acquired from her personal as well as official websites. Her bio is also available on Wiki. The actress is also on Twitter as her fan can follow her on Twitter to know her latest tweet. As she is one of the greatest Britain actresses she has her own quotes which are also available on internet.