Who Is Joyce Yost? Everything To Know On Cold Podcast Season 2 Case

Joyce Yost Wikipedia Utah Family, Husband - Obituary

Joyce Yost is a person who is said to be killed by a man in 1985. Read the complete article to know more about this personality in detail.

Joyce Yost is a Caucasian female who had blonde hair, hazel eyes. Moreover, she also has a scar on her chin and a scar on her breast as well. This woman is said to be sexually assaulted.

Also, Joyce said that she was grabbed on her throat and was threatened by the assaulter that he would tear her throat apart if she screamed or said anything to anyone.

Joyce Yost Wikipedia: Her Obituary

Yost has not been able to get her information on Wikipedia yet.

She is not a very well-known personality and has just been known for being killed by an unknown person a long time ago. Recently, Cold Season 2 has launched a new show which is focused on Joyce Yost. She was reported missing from South Ogden, Utah.

Joyce Yost obituary states that she passed away on Thursday, November 17, 2016, at Atrium Medical Center.

 However, she spent her life happily with her children and grandchildren. She also enjoyed scratching lottery tickets, playing games on her Kindle Fire, crocheting, knitting, counted cross stitch, and watercolor painting.

Meet Joyce Yost Family And Husband

Joyce comes from a White family.

Her family consists of her sister Margarette Baldwin, brother Wally Baldwin, sister-in-law Betty Baldwin, and grandson Steven Hobbs. She had been living a very happy life with all these family members.

Joyce Yost had a husband named Richard Yost and also has two children.

It is said that she was preceded to death by her husband with whom she had been married for 9 years before she died.

Joyce Yost Bio: Her Cause Of Death

According to Joyce’s bio, she disappeared two months after testifying against Douglas Anderson Lovell.

Joyce Yost’s cause of death was said to be sexually assaulted by a man who was intent on keeping her from testifying against him in a criminal trial.