How Old Is Joshua Whitley? 

Joshua Whitely's age is currently 11 years old. 

However, his exact birth date is not known as of now. He was adopted by the actress Kym Whitely in 2011. He has been celebrating his birthday on January 9 ever since then. 

Joshua Whitley Kym Whitley Son: Wiki

Joshua Whitley is popularly known as the son of Kym Whitley. 

As a matter of fact, he was adopted by the actress. He has also made his appearances on the American reality Television series 'Raising Whitley' alongside his mother. 

The series basically documents the daily life of actress-comedian Kym Whitley and her group of friends, as they raise baby Joshua, the child that Kym unexpectedly gained custody of.

Joshua was left to Whitley after a troubled young woman, who she mentored for 15 years, had mysteriously escaped the hospital immediately after giving birth and left behind only Kym's contact information. The series premiered on April 20, 2013, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The show ran for four seasons till the year 2016 when the OWN Network decided not to renew the series for a fifth season for an unknown reason. 

Is He On Instagram? 

Young Joshua Whitely is active on Instagram under the handle @joshuawhitley11

At this early age, he has already amassed a massive number of followers on his Instagram. So far he has garnered 12.1 K followers. According to his Instagram bio, he loves to dance, act and play with Legos. 

On his Instagram grid, you will mostly find pictures of himself and his mother. 

Joshua Whitley Parents Revealed 

Joshua Whitley's real parents are out of the limelight. 

Meanwhile, he is now adopted and raised by his new parents Kym Whitley and Van Johnson. Van Johnson is the friend of Kym who stepped up to become Joshua's father after Whitley adopted him as a baby.