Josh Ostrovsky Net Worth, Wife, Wedding, Girlfriend, Family

In today’s generation, social media is certainly the most lucrative platform to earn fame and fortune. With makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner making $1 million per sponsored Instagram post, it has become a full-time career for many.

Among other up-and-coming star is Josh Ostrovsky, an American writer, winemaker, businessman, and Instagram celebrity.

Known famously as ‘The Fat Jew’, he is the social media sensation, who lives a colored, adventurous life.

Born to Russian father and nutritionist mother, he has an impressive resume and is a person full of interesting choices.

From his ever-changing hairstyle, varied choice of career to his recent collection of essay, he’s a proclaimed Z-list celebrity.

One of the social media’s biggest influencers, Josh has become an inspiring pop cultural star on his own right.

Up ahead, discover about his origin, the detailed personal life, his online domination, fortune and much more!

Instagram Star Josh Ostrovsky’s Net Worth – $20 Million

Josh Ostrovsky is one of the leading social media stars, with over 10 million followers. Besides, drawing good income from online career, he has been able to build a successful space in the entertainment industry as well.

With a net worth estimated at around $20 million, The Fat Jew – Josh Ostrovsky has become a fast-growing pop cultural idol among teenagers.

The 2004 graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, he started posting pictures and video on social media as a hobby.

But, he today has over 10.2 million Instagram followers and earned a luxurious lifestyle as ‘the creating Instagrammer’.

Besides collecting the good amount from sponsored posts, he is also rolling in cash from his book revenues and acting gigs.

His talent for making content and his ‘over the top’ personality has helped him to amass his 8-figure.

Most importantly, his dream of becoming famous and learning new things is what keeps him moving forward.

Is Josh Ostrovsky Married? Know his Wife or Girlfriend Katie Sturino

The 37-year-old Josh Ostrovsky’s personal life choices and upfront demeanor have had generated buzz.

The brief attendee of Skidmore College & New York University, Josh found love on his own fraternity, but couldn’t make it last longer.

Josh Ostrovsky married his girlfriend of many years, Katie Sturino in 2014 in a very private wedding ceremony. However, their marriage soon went downhill and they were divorced by 2017.

His ex-wife, Katie Sturino is also an online personality, known as a YouTuber and daily blogger. After the divorce last year, Josh hasn’t been active on dating poll and relatively maintains a lower profile as possible.

Josh Ostrovsky Family and Biography

‘The Fat Jew’ was born Josh Ostrovsky into an affluent household in New York City but was raised in Manhattan.

He transitioned through numerous schools, beginning at the Packer school and later Trevor Day School & the Dwight School.

Growing up on the Upper West Side, Josh witnessed the glamorous lifestyle from a young age. He originally started out as a child actor, appearing in various TV commercials, including the Hershey.

Admired for his bling-bling style & curvaceous frame, you can follow him on social media, under the moniker ‘The Fat Jews’.