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Jorge Nava Net Worth, Age (Anfisa Nava Husband) Wiki - Release Date
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In today’s world, one simply doesn’t have to do a lot of good things or achieve tremendous success to get famous. In this time when reality TV shows and sitcoms, as well as web series,  are thriving, it’s not so tough to get famous. Moreover, the slightest touch of controversy can also help you in the best way to hit the limelight.

The more controversies one surrounds themselves with, the more is the change to get popular in today’s time. Though the fame might belong to the notorious club, yet it’s still ‘fame’. One way or the other, you just get popular. A lot of people will know you and will start talking about you.

Well, this fits perfectly in case of reality TV star Jorge Nava. Blessed with a white complexion and a chubby face, Jorge is popular as the star of TLC’s hit TV series, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Jorge is facing two and a half year in prison at Arizona Department of Corrections.

Just before two days from the 2018 Valentine Day, Jorge Nava got arrested with 293 pounds of marijuana in his truck. Unfortunately, he was located in Arizona at that time. Arizona is the place where drug laws are way stiff than other places in the United States. He began serving his two and a half year sentence on September 7, 2018.

Serving his time in prison, Jorge had several jobs under his belt. Firstly, he worked as a garbage collection. In March 2019, he began working on a different task. Secondly, he worked as a kitchen clerk. Last but not least, he recently changed his task in July 2019.

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How Much Is Jorge Nava Net Worth in 2019?

Jorge Nava made his money through the TV show, 90 Day Fiance. Unfortunately, the details of his earnings from the TV series isn’t public yet.

Likewise, the exact figure of his net worth is still unknown in the media.

Though Nava’s financial status isn’t revealed yet, there have been some controversies regarding his net worth in the past. According to his sister, Lourdes Nava, Anfisa befriended him because of his financial status. Moreover, Lourdes also tagged Anfisa as a ‘gold digger‘. Keeping this into account, Jorge must have a huge net worth.

In contrary, Anfisa claims that her partner is in debut and owes thousands of dollars to some unknown individuals. Furthermore, she claimed that Nava made many luxurious promises to her, which he couldn’t live up to.

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Details About His Age, Wiki


Jorge Nava rose to fame for appearing in 90 Day Fiance. Besides this, his legal battle always had him in the headlines.

Despite his notorious fame, the details about his age and wiki aren’t public yet.

However, judging from his age lookswise, Jorge Nava could be running in his late 30.

Speaking about his legal battles, the marijuana case isn’t his first criminal case. He previously experienced legal troubles when he was pleaded guilty in drug trafficking.

Anfisa Nava Husband – Jorge Nava

Jorge Nava and his girlfriend-turned-wife Anfisa are together for a few years now. They met on the sets of 90 Day Finance, where they walked their way to dating and to marriage, eventually.

The details of their wedding aren’t public yet.

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