Jordan Belfort Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Married, House, Age, Bio

Jordan Belfort is an elite American anterior stockbroker, author, and motivational speaker. He is an absolute wolf of Wall Street had founded a brokerage house named ‘Stratton Oakmont’ along with partner in crime Danny Porush in the late 1980s at Long Island, New York.

The firm indisputably brought him immense success but with it came a controversy as in late 1990 he was pleaded guilty in delinquencies related to stock and thus sentenced imprison for 22 months.

  • Birthday: July 9, 1962 (Age 56)
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American

Jordan Belfort Wife – Denise Lombardo and Daughter

In 1985, Jordan Belfort married Denise Lombardo and stayed in the relationship for the next six years divorcing in 1991, the same year when he married his second wife Nadine Caridi. Nadine was a British born American model, whom he was first introduced at a party.

Together they were blessed with two children Chandler and Carter and had made such a dreamiest couple. However, in 2005, the duo filed for divorce when exposed that he was abusive to wife Nadine trailed by his hitches of drug addiction as well as infidelity on multiple women.

Since 2015, he is engaged to fiancé Anne Koppe whom he had been dating for a long time. The new couple is frequently spotted together attending several events together and enjoying the vacation.

Jordan, a native of The Bronx, a borough of New York City was born to accountant parents Leah Belfort and Max Belfort.

His upbringing was made in a Jewish clan in Bayside, Queens. While growing up in New York City, his early childhood had instigated that he would develop to become a leading entrepreneur.

  • Parents: Leah Belfort and Max Belfort
  • Wife: Demise Lombardo (1985-1991) and Nadine Caridi (1991-2005)
  • Children: 2 (Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort)
  • Marital Status: Divorced

After graduating from the high school, he and his juvenile friend Elliot Loewenstern were making thousands of dollars retailing Italian ice to the visitors at the native beach until beginning the University.

He attended private American University and received a degree in biology, later he enrolled at the dental school named University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

But when the school dean remarked that he was not going to make bucks out of dentistry and that he was in a wrong place, he left the college.

Jordan Belfort Age and Height

Jordan Belfort, Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall in height wraps himself in some of the glamorous and custom tailored suits which can be spotted while on the event or red carpet, where accompanied by longtime partner Anne Koppe.

He is an inborn talented entrepreneur with dashing looks, ripped physique, and charisma.

With a smoking hot looks and piercing eyes, the owner of Stratton Oakmont has become an obsession of nation.

His bright blue eyes, alluring face and sense of style have caused women to lose their mind.

From pleading guilty of financial fraud to getting addiction of drug, Jordan may not come as an ideal good guy that most ladies dreamt of but he still makes the handsome man in the business.

Still considered as the Wolf of Wall Street, he is an absolute definition of physical sex appeal with sophistication.

Quick Info:

  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (173 cm)
  • Body Measurements: N/A
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

With a hunk looks, killer body, and smokey blue eyes, he makes a rare successful entrepreneur who had a rich history in the stock market.

With more than decades of career, he has still managed to maintain a youthful mien as the 55-years-old looks graciously young even today.

The father of two has been frequently photographed enjoying his downtime with Anne whom he also takes for lavish vacation following the divorce with ex-wife and mother of his children Nadine.

Jordan Belfort Career and Books

Jordan Belfort is best noted as a founder of Stratton Oakmont, which employed over 1000 broker once. After indicted guilty of financial fraud and imprisonment of 22 months, he has now become a motivational speaker and a successful author.

Jordan was a teen when he stepped into the world of business initially becoming door-to-door salesman vending meat and seafood in Long Island. The business was thriving well as found his employee sold thousands pound beef per week until he was 25 when completely broke filing for bankruptcy.

Career Timeline:

  • 1999: Accused of securities fraud by National Association of Securities Dealers
  • 2013: A movie based on his book was released where his character was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio

He alongside businessman Danny Porush founded an investment firm named Stratton Oakmont in the late 1980s which would eventually run the pump and dump’ scheme. He would primarily mislead the investors with false statements in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock in high market value.

During his tenure at the brokerage house, he relished a lifestyle enfolded by posh parties, feasting on drugs and affairs with several women. At one point, his company appointed over 1000 workers who dealt with stock and related issues on behalf of him including the one with Steve Madden, a footwear, and accessories company.

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission claimed that Stratton Oakmont has swindled investors and influenced stock market in 1992. After two years, he reached a settlement with U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, which ordered Belfort could no longer work in the securities industry. His company was fined and finally, The National Association of Securities Dealers scrutinized it. In 1996, Stratton Oakmont was ejected from the association and was later liquidate to pay off settlements over next year.

And throughout this whole time, the law enforcement officials were keeping a close eye on his company’s notorious actions. In the late 1990s, Jordan was charged guilty of financial fraud and money laundering resulting which he was sentenced 4-year imprisonment but only served 22 months in of jail after released on a plea agreement.

When serving the dungeon at Taft Correctional Institution, fellow inmate Tommy Chong encouraged him to write a book on his life and business experience on stock business. The memoirs titled ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Catching the Wolf of Wall Street’ was released in 40 countries and later it was adapted for big screen starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

 As a part of restitution settlement, he was liable to pay the half percent of his income to more than 1500 client whom he duped. Today Jordan is an eminent speaker who delivers motivational and inspiring speeches in numerous seminars around the world which include a live seminar in Australia called ‘The Truth Behind His Success’. His speaking engagements are currently run by Global Motivation Inc.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth: $-100 Million Dollars

Jordan Belfort’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $-100 million as of 2018. Jordan is currently running in debt of $100 million as he is accountable to pay more than 1500 defrauded clients as a part of restitution settlement.

When an owner of Stratton Oakmont. He had hired 1000 brokers who took care of approx. $1 billion assets.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: -$100 million
  • Salary: N/A

He used to relish a hard-party life, purchasing a yacht from Coco Chanel and taking drugs, however, his good days came to an end when found guilty of a financial scam.

As of now, he has paid about $11.6 million worth restitution but he is still obliged to pay over $100 worth of it to the clients whom he tricked.