Who Is Jonathan Neman's Wife? 

Jonathan Neman is married to billionaire Leora Kadisha

Leora is a billionaire heiress. She is a member of the Nazarian Clan. The Nazarian Clan is one of the world’s wealthiest Jewish Iranian families. 

She is the middle daughter of business tycoon Neil Kadisha and Dora Nazarian. Her mother, Dora is the daughter of the family Younes Nazarian.

They had provided the funding to tech giant Qualcomm in the early 80s.

Leora is a well-educated woman and a successful entrepreneur. She has Bachelor's degree from Boston University. Leora graduated in 2008.

And also, she has a Master's degree which she completed from New York University in Women's Studies. 

Everything About Jonathan Neman: His Wikipedia And Bio

The Co-founder and CEO of Sweet Green, Jonathan Neman, is not on Wikipedia. 

How Old Is The American Business? Neman's Age 

Jonathan Neman is 30 years old. 

He was born in 1991. 

Who Are Jonathan Neman's Parents? More On His Family 

His parents and family flew from Iran to the United States. Jonathan Neman is a Persian Jewish.

He has got a huge family. 

Neman is the oldest of four boys and has 20 first cousins. 

Net Worth Of Jonathan Neman

We will have to wait some more time to see Jonathan Neman's net worth on the web. 

Jonathan is definitely rich.

He and his wife, Leora, had bought a $21.4 million home in Beverly Hills, California. 

They had bought the property from film producer and former MGM CEO, Roger Birnbaum. 

Jonathan Neman's Twitter

Jonathan Newman has kept his posts protected on Twitter. His handle is private.

So, if you want to follow the CEO, you will have to send in a follow request and wait till Jonathan accepts it.

However, it looks like he does not randomly accept an unknown follow request. He has got just 1k followers. Even though you wish to view his account, his Twitter name is @JonnyNemo

He has kept his website's link on his bio. 

Similarly, Jonathan Neman has kept his Instagram account private too. You will have to send in a follow request to see his profile.