John Stossel Biography

Born on March 6, 1947 Josh Stossel is an American journalist, author, television presenter and libertarian columnist. Currently he’s employed at Fox Business Network since 2009; he hosts “Stossel”, a weekly news show and also regularly appears on Fox News Channel providing signature analysis. Born in Chicago Heights, Illinois Stossel was raised protestant by his Jewish parents. He grew up alongside his two elder brothers and as a young lad he was more relaxed and chilled about life. He later graduated from Princeton University with B.A in psychology. Immediately after the completion of graduation, he pursued his journalistic ambition by joining KGW-TV as a researcher. After a few years, he got promoted as an on-air reporter. His initial experience going live on television was quite horrifying for him. Later after some years, WCBS-TV hired him as their reporter for New York based.

Prior to joining FBN in 2009, Stossel co-anchored ABC’s primetime newsmagazine show 20/20. He had joined ABC since 1981 and had since contributed in-depth issues ranging from pop culture controversies, government regulations and business. He had also previously worked as a consumer reporter for the network. He remained with the channel for twenty eight long years and in September 2009, he left the corporation to join Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. However, his departure was misconstrued by many as him getting fired from ABC, later Stossel cleared out the speculation stating his decision of leaving the network was a mutual consent. Besides working as a journalist, he also writes book and he has altogether published three of his books till date titled “Give me a break: How I exposed Hucksters, Cheats and Scam artists and became the scourge of the liberal media” (2005), “Myths, Lies and Downright stupidity: Get out the Shovel Why everything you know is wrong” (2007) and “No, they can’t: why government fails-but individuals succeed” (2012).

Renowned journalist has accomplished great heights career wise. At age sixty six, he has accumulated every possible controversies, experiences and awards. He’s definitely an asset to any organization he ever associates with and losing him can mean a great loss. He is the recipient of nineteen Emmy awards and has been honored five times for excellence in consumer reporting by the National Press Club. Stossel does not advocate any conventional reporting style, he’s known for more straight forward, to the point and no-nonsense kind of reporting, because of which he has time and again dragged himself to unwanted scandals. He caused much controversy stating that “global warming”; an increasingly popular discussion among the environmentalists has restricted human freedom. The outspoken and the veteran journalist also support gay union. Over the course of time, he has evolved as one of the most consistent thought-provoking reporters.

About his personal life biography, he is married to his beloved wife Ellen Abrams and has remained together for significant period of time. He and Ellen are the proud parents of two children, Lauren and Max. Both of them are extremely happy in their relationship and have no intentions of separating on any ground. He currently lives with his wife in New York City. He has the estimated net worth of $ 4 million dollar and he has accumulated the fortune purely out of serving as a long time reporter on ABC and being one of the bestselling authors. Details about him can be obtained through wiki and other personal sites relating him. His fans and aficionado can follow this daredevil Stossel via his blog. He shares his beliefs and thoughts through the social networking sites and his admirers can get to know him better by following him there.