Joe Garratt Age, Wiki, Height, Job (Love Island UK) Girlfriend, Parents, Family

Joe Garratt Age, Wiki, Height, Job (Love Island UK) Girlfriend, Parents, Family

Joe Garratt Age: Joseph Garratt, a contestant of ITV’s Love Island from the south-east part of London is 22 years of age.

Joe Garratt Wiki, Height

Joe doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page. However, his charming boyish smile has made him one of the most googled contestants of this year’s Love Island.

As for his height and bodily measurements, there aren’t any reports on that. As far as the eye can tell, Garratt must be around 5 Feet 10 inches.

Additionally, he has a slim body, a great set of teeth and curly hair.

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Joe Garratt Job: Catering Company Business

He is one of the promising contestants in Love Island’s fifth season. He is currently on a secluded island with other attractive people looking for “Love of His Life”.

However, he is a caterer and owns his own catering company that operates out of London. As he mentions in the interview with ITV, he also was a semi-professional rugby player.

In the same interview, he remembers how he went on a date with a girl to a restaurant that he delivered sandwiches. They recognized him and called him “Sandwich Man”.

He has since embraced the name and that same name appears on his Instagram page. Things didn’t work out for him in the rugby field and he became the owner of the catering company. Now he is on Love Island.

Joe Garratt, Love Island

Joe has famously said that he doesn’t take things too seriously. He describes himself as charming, funny and light.

Additionally, he said that he constantly cracks jokes and can diffuse a tense situation and that he believes, is what makes him a perfect Love Islander.

Above all, Joe is looking for a connection in the villa. He is even open to performing a sexual act in the camera.

However, he voiced a slight discomfort knowing that his mom might be watching. Later, he asked his dad to close her eyes if that bit made to the Television.

This year’s competition will be more challenging. Now the show is much more popular, many international fans watch the show along with the U.K.

As the audience’s votes can cast you out of the Island, though international viewers can’t vote, they are bound to voice their opinions and affect the minds of the voting population.

Hence, the margin for error is very small.

Joe Garratt’s Girlfriend

Joe, being only 22 years old said that he has dated only one girlfriend in his whole life. We do not have further information on who the girl is but it’s come out that he met her in social media and the couple dated for a while.

When asked about their breakup, Joe simply stated the sole reason was that they were incompatible with each other and wanted different things out of their lives.

Furthermore, he made clear that no cheating or that sort of thing took place. Joe goes into the Island as a single 22-year-old charmer from south-east London.

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Joe Garratt’s Parents, Family

There isn’t a lot out there about Joe’s family and Parents. However, if he were to win the thing, we would definitely know more about the proud parents.