Who is Joe Cristalli Netflix? Wikipedia Bio

Joe Cristalli is a writer and producer who has worked in several well-known Netflix shows. Some of his shows are still in pre-production for Netflix. 

As per IMDb, Cristalli has worked on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Raising Hope, and The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien

His other credits include Life in Pieces, Perfect Harmony, and The Best of Times. As of now, he is a producer for the Netflix show "The Frasier Revival."

Joe Cristalli & YouTuber Vito Gesualdi Assault Video

A video of Joe Cristalli assualting YouTuber Vito Gesualdi has gone viral online. 

In the said assault video, Cristalli grabbed Gesualdi's sign that read "We Like Dave," broke it, and then claimed he had a weapon. 

There was a physical confrontation between the two protesters where Cristalli pushed the YouTuber. Following the video, Cristalli removed his social media accounts. 

Moreover, his wife, Jessica Cristalli, was also present at the event and made her Instagram private. Netizens discovered his identity through an interview video where he had provided his name and spelling. 

His wife's Instagram had a link to the change.org petition for the said protest. Some individuals joined the petition with the sole intention to question why her husband attacked the YouTuber. 

Meet Joe Cristalli On Instagram

Joe Cristalli could not be found on Instagram or any other social networking platform. 

He removed his accounts after the video of him attacking Vito Gesualdi went viral online. 

What Is Joe Cristalli Net Worth & Salary?

Joe Cristalli's verified net worth and salary are not mentioned at the moment. 

But, he worked as a writer and producer in many Netflix shows. Thus, he may have generated a net worth of at least a few hundred thousand dollars over the years.