Who Is Joe Cristalli From Netflix?

Jow Cristalli has been identified as the man who is a writer at Netflix. Sources claimed that he was standing in the protest holding a sign that reads, "We Like Dave". 

Suddenly the Netflix worker grabbed his signboard and broke it. He started yelling that Vito had a weapon on him. However, Vito claims he did not have any. 

There was a small physical confrontation that ensued when he was pushed out by Joe. The victim was lucky that day as the reporters from Reuters were present there on that day to document the event. 

Joe was interviewed by them before the assault happen and he spelled his name to the Reuters reporters. After the assault video was released on the Internet, netizens soon recognized him. 

Soon after his identity was revealed, he deleted his social media accounts and is not available on the Internet. 

Meet The Man That Assaulted Vito Gesualdi 

Vito Gesualdi shared about the assault he faced during the protest in support of the Trans community outside the Netflix Office. He has uploaded the footage where he can be seen being physically attacked by the man. 

He claimed that Joe misled the public by saying that he had a weapon on him. However, Vito claims that he was weaponless but the mainstream media went on to portray the incident as if he was trying to instigate physical altercations. 

He also shared that his co-host Dick was also physically attacked and is injured when a man pushed him. 

Vito Gesualdi Assault Video Removed From Twitter

The assault video of Vito Gesualdi which has caused an uproar on Twitter has been removed now. However, the footage is available on the YouTuber's channel. 

Twitter deleted the video because of copyright issues. The clip is also available on Reddit. Some online users have posted the video on the platform. 

It gives a clear indication that he and his co-host were the victims of the assault. There were some active and genuine protestors who were peacefully protesting for a cause.