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Joao Franco Girlfriend - Michelle Dicu, Age, Instagram - Below Deck Mediterranean
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You know about the reality television show Below Deck Mediterranean of Bravo TV right. If you don’t then there is no point on knowing the person in this article. The person in this article is famous for the same show. Some of you who watch the show might know him as one of the controversial contestants of the show. His name is Joao Franco.

His popularity and his fame credits go to the show Below Deck Mediterranean. If you want to know more about him then go through this article.

Joao Franco Girlfriend – Michelle Dicu

Joao Franco has found new love in his life again in the show. He is in relation to a beautiful girlfriend Michelle Dicu.

In addition, Joao is very open when it comes to sharing about his relationships.

He has post lots of amazing and beautiful pictures with Michelle on his Instagram page. They are also spotted paddleboarding in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Not only that but they are also seen together on romantic nights out in New York City.

It seems like they are so in love.

Furthermore, according to the sources, they were spending their Christmas together on the beach. Let’s hope that Joao has found his ideal girlfriend.

While talking about his past, he was in relation to Booke Laughton. It was in the previous season of the Below Deck Mediterranean. And she was her fellow contestant.

Actually, he was in the love triangle between Brooke and Kasey. Later he ended up with Brooke. But after a few months of togetherness, they split.

Joao Franco Age: Is he 20 years and above?


The detail of Joao Franco age is not available. He might be in between 20-30 years old. But, he has not revealed his age in the media and public.

However, according to, we know that he grew up in Zimbabwe in the midst of political strife. Besides that, we have no information about his childhood, academics, and others. Also, he has not revealed information about his family.

So what we don’t know his actual age. We can guess and make ourselves happy. I guess you have already seen his picture. So, let’s all take a guess.

In my guess, Joao Franco is in his late 20s. I might be wrong but who cares. I said what I felt. So, you also make your own guess.

Joao Franco Instagram

Like other celebs, Joao is also the person who likes being updated with social media. He is very active in Instagram and often posts pictures. In fact, the relationship between him and Michelle was also known from his Instagram.

Looking at Joao’s Instagram, he seems to be very fun-loving and full of entertainment. By seeing his posts, we can say with a hundred percent surety that he loves traveling new places and enjoying nature.

For your information, he has his Instagram account with the name joaograntfranco. He has a decent amount of followers. And that is about 85.3k followers. If you want to check his awesome Instagram posts then you can click here and visite.