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Joanne Cantwell
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Joanne Cantwell is an Irish sports presenter. Likewise, she has played in several sports competition from an early age as well. In fact, she played Ladies’ Gaelic football and was named the Young Dublin Player of the Year in 1997.

In the same way, she is most popular as the first woman to present RTE’s Champions League show. And, it was in the year 2016.

After that, she again hit the spotlight after becoming the new presenter of The Sunday Game. Likewise, it took place in the year 2018 after the retirement of the former host Michael Lyster.

Joanne Cantwell Husband: Shay

Despite Joanne Cantwell’s popularity, her husband lives a private life. And, there is not really much about him on the internet. However, according to the Irish Times, his name is Shay.

In the same way, they have two daughters. Similarly, their names are Emmy and Alex. And, the family lives together in Dublin.

And, she and her husband, Shay, love to travel. However, they do not prefer going on several holidays. But, according to the couple, when they do, they make it worthwhile.

In the same way, the couple went on to Singapore, Sydney, Las Vegas, and two other places as well for their honeymoon. So, they claim that was the only time they traveled a lot. And, they also turned out loving the trip.

In this way, Joanne and her husband have been living their best life.

Joanne Cantwell Salary


Joanne Cantwell has had a terrific career. So, people want to know how much Cantwell earns. After all, she is widely popular in her field.

Before being a sports journalist, she was a former football star. And, she played for the Dublin Ladies Football team. In the same way, she was awarded an all-star for her performance. And, it was in the year 1998.

After that, she became a sports journalist. She has become the first female anchor of RTE’s Champions League show. In the same way, she is the new presenter of The Sunday Game. In this way, she has been able to garner success in her field of profession.

However, there is no exact info about her salary. But, it is justifiable that she must earn a whopping amount of salary. Looking at her career graph, that is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Joanne Cantwell Age: 40 years old

There is curiosity about Joanne’s age as she has been out there for quite some time now. According to Irish mirror, Joanne Cantwell was born in the year 1979.

Therefore, as of 2019, Joanne is 40 years of age.

And, that is the year, The Sunday Game was launched. As a result, she is as old as the Sunday Game. What a lucky coincidence!

Where is Joanne Cantwell from?

Joanne Cantwell is from Dublin, Ireland. Hence, she is of Irish Nationality. Also, she was brought up there.

And, she is one of the five daughters of her parents. In addition, she completed her journalism at Dublin City University.

Likewise, she resides in Ongar with her husband and daughters now.