Joanderson Brito Wiki: Who Is Joanderson Brito?

Joanderson Brito does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page as of yet. 

Brito is Santa Helena, Maranhao, Brazil. The Brazilian is also known by his nickname, Tubarao, which translates to shark in English. This could be referring to his aggressive fighting style.

Of the 15 professional bouts Brito has had up to this point, he has won 12, lost 2, and drawn 1, which is an impressive record.

His head coach's name is João Emilio. He fights out of Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil.

The fighter is ranked first out of 510 active professional Latin American featherweights.

Joanderson Brito's Age: How Old Is The Fighter?

Joanderson Brito is 26 years of age at the moment.

The Brazilian martial artist was born on February 11, 1995. He is a young fighter who has been fighting professionally since 2013.

Joanderson Brito's Height: How Tall is The MMA professional?

Joanderson Brito's height is 172.72 cm. The MMA professional fighter stands at around 5'8".

Brito fights in the featherweight division. An average UFC featherweight fighter stands at around 5'9". This means that the Brazilian is a little shorter than an average UFC featherweight division contender.

The 5'8" fighter has an arm reach of 72" and the leg reach of 38".

His weight is around 145 pounds or somewhere around 65 kgs which is around the average weight for a featherweight fighter.

Joanderson Brito's Wife: Is Brito Married?

Although it is unclear if Joanderson Brito is married at the moment, and it is not sure if the Brazilian mixed martial art fighter has a wife, it seems that Brito's partner's name is Mayara Félix.

The couple seems to have been together for a while now. Brito and Félix are also expecting a child soon.

The happy couple can be seen spending a great deal of time together as per their social media.