Jim Threapleton Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Biography, Baby, Family, Age

As per his Wiki, Jim Threapleton was born in 1974 on Wharfedale, North Yorkshire of England. Jim Threapleton is an English film director known for directing credits in movies like Extraordinary Rendition, The Mummy, Hideous Kinky.

Jim Threapleton Wife – Julie Vuorinen and Divorces

Currently, Jim Threaplaton is married to Julie Vuorinen with whom he’s been married now for 9 years since 2008.

He was previously married to Kate Winslet but that marriage spiraled out of control just to end up in divorce. Kate Winslet prides in the fact that nothing about the divorce is public but that did not stop media about fabricating stories about Jim.

Jim Threapleton Net Worth – about $1 Million Dollars

It is just rumored that the net worth of Jim Threapleton maybe is around the figure of $1 million dollars.

Since he has worked in blockbuster movies such as The Mummy and also been successful in art exhibitions and paintings galleries, it is no surprise if he’s worth in millions. But his ex-wife Kate Winslet is worth $45 million dollars.

Jim Threapleton Bio

Jim Threapleton Biography: Jim Threapleton was born and raised in England but since it was in North Yorkshire, it must have been very rural and countryside childhood for him.

Only little is known about his education but he would have been fine even if had not attended college because he would later go on to become a movie director. But, he graduated from Manchester University with a Bachelor’s degree in History of Art.

He is best known for his debut feature ‘Extraordinary Rendition’.

After his debut, he went on to direct more movies such as The Mummy and Hideous Kinky. Hideous Kinky was the movie that really changed his life because that’s where he met his ex-wife Kate Winslet.

After meeting Kate Winslet in the set of ‘Hideous Kinky’ Jim got married to her on November 22, 1998. But after 3 years of marriage, they divorced. After the divorce, he was ridiculed by tabloid magazines but later on Jim sued the magazines.

Jim Threapleton Babies Mia Honey Threapleton, Georgia and Skylar Threapleton

Jim Threapleton is blessed with a son and daughter. He has a lovely daughter named Mia Honey Threapleton with Kate Winslet.

But after divorce and second marriage with Julie Vuorinen, he has a son named Skylar Threapleton. Although his life is not perfect and things did not work as he desired, he is blessed with lovely children.

Jim Threapleton and Family details

Jim was born to father James Edward Threapleton who was an RAF pilot. He has a younger brother named Robin. He was married to Kate Winslet with whom he had a daughter named Mia.

But his family extended after his second marriage with Julie Vuorinen. He has a son named Skylar and Georgia.

Jim Threapleton Age – 45 years old

Jim Threapleton is currently 45 years of age and because he is not an athlete but a creative person, he still has a lot of time and potential left.