Who Is Greg Lynn First Wife Lisa Lynn?

Lisa Lynn Coroner is the first wife of Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn, who was arrested on November 22, 2021, for the disappearance of two elderly campers. Lisa died about two decades ago.

Mr. Lynn's first wife, Lisa Lynn, died tragically two decades ago, prompting the creation of the camping concept. According to the Herald Sun, Lisa Lynn died unexpectedly outside the pilot's suburban Melbourne house she lived.

According to accounts, Greg, a family man, has left his Caroline Springs home in Melbourne and gone to the big city after a disagreement with his flight attendant wife, Melanie.

Surprisingly, suspect Greg's present wife has vanished, and no information on her location is available at this moment. He and Lynn met for the first time while working at the same firm. 

She has three children, two of which are from a previous marriage. She and Greg also have a son.

Insight On Greg Lynn Family

As shared, Greg Lynn had been living as part form his family for quite a few days.

After a disagreement with his current wife Melanie, he had left home, leaving his home in Caroline Springs.

Greg has three children, two from his marriage with Lisa and one from his second marriage.

Lynn had resided in the house with his wife Melanie and teenage son for at least ten years, but the place was empty when police arrived to arrest.

Not much information is known about his children from both of his marriages.

Greg Lynn Age And Net Worth Explored

Greg Lyn was the age of 55 at the time of his arrest.

Talking about Greg's net worth, we guess it to be near to $120,000 based upon his profession.

Pilot pay varies depending on the kind of aircraft flown and how long they've worked with an airline. 

The typical yearly compensation for a big jet pilot is an astounding $121,408. 

The regular annual income for a small jet pilot is $104,219. Pilots of non-jet aircraft earn much less.