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Jessica Namath Husband, Joe Namath Daughter :: Everything on Sister Olivia Namath and Mother Deborah Mays
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Jessica Namath is known for being an American Footballer, Joe Namath’s and an actress Deborah Mays’s daughter. 33-year-old Jessica is very dear to her father Joe Namath. She is from Jupiter, Florida. However, she currently lives in New York.

She is a photographer, an actress, a daughter, and a mother.

Lately, she has been in the news following the separation with her husband.

Jessica Namath has a bitter relationship with her Husband

Although Jessica belongs to a rich celebrity family, she had been able to keep herself away from drama until now. However, after her separation in 2016, she couldn’t avoid the drama. They have been facing a very bitter divorce case.

Jessica tied the knot with Brian Kennedy in the year 2015. Nonetheless, after an unhealthy marriage full of disputes and abuse, the couple decided to separate in 2016. They also have a daughter together.

Jessica took the separation matter to the court and filed a divorce against her husband Kennedy. Moreover, the couple is fighting over their child also. The divorce case has been going on and both the parties have their own claims.

According to, she has been seeking financial assistance from her husband for the upbringing of the child. On the other hand, Kennedy is also trying his best to drag his father-in-law in the divorce drama.

He has been presenting the documents to the court to possibly turn over the decision in his favor. He has been claiming that Jessica should take support from her father. The case is a little bit problematic as of now.

Jessica Namath is the Daughter of Joe Namath


Joe Namath used to be a professional football player during the 60s and the 70s. He used to play as a quarterback in the National Football League games Besides acting, he had also tried his hands in television and acting.

According to his Wiki, he used to be an alcoholic. Also, he stayed a bachelor for a long time. He married Deborah Mays when he was 44 years old. The two had a beautiful family of 4 that consisted of their 2 daughters Jessica and Olivia.

However, they ended their 16 years old marriage in 2000. Thereafter, Joe paid the role of a single parent. Both of his daughters grew up with him. Though, only the elder one, Jessica is very much close to him. She and her daughter live with him at present. She even shares very beautiful pictures of her daughter and father on her personal Instagram. 

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Jessica is Olivia Namath’s sister

Among the two daughters of Jow Namath, Olivia is the youngest and also the troublesome one. She was born in 1991 and was the mother of a daughter when she was just 16 years old. Later she married her apparent boyfriend Edward Baker III. The couple tied the knot in 2013.

Olivia has a few jail records. She used to be a drug addict and has been arrested for the same a few times. Moreover, her husband Edward also has some records of drug use and arrests.

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Joe Namath and his daughters

On the other hand, Jessica is away from all of these things, thankfully.

About Jessica’s mother: Deborah Mays

As said earlier, Jessica was born to Deborah Mays. She wanted to be an actress and also has done a few works on acting. She got married to Jessica’s father when she was 22 only. They had a huge age gap but so much in love with each other.

Reports suggest that Joe’s alcoholic nature was the reason for the couple’s split. After the split, she has been linked with a few people but there are no records on her personal life lately. Jessica seems to be closer to her father only if pictures are to be believed. She has posted not of the pictures including her mom.