Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Wiki, Age, Bio, Boyfriend ( J. K. Rowling Daughter)

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes or simply Jessica Arantes is the first-born daughter of world-famous fiction writer J.K Rowling.

Jessica Arantes Age, Wiki

Jessica Arantes was born on July 27, 1993, and her age is 26 years. She was born in Portugal.

Her mother J.K Rowling moved there from Britain and got married to Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes. Jessica is a British national.

Jessica Arantes doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet. However, being the daughter of the writer who wrote the universally loved Harry Potter series, there is a considerable amount of interest in her life. As a result, she features in nearly every celebrity gossip websites.

Jessica Arantes Boyfriend – Ronny Dias

Jessica Arantes has a serious Boyfriend and he is also from Portugal like her father. His name is Ronny Dias.

Though there aren’t any scoops about their relationship known to the public, Ronny features in Jessica’s Instagram quite often and they seem to make each other happy.

However, Ronny’s Instagram is set to private so we all only get to see love confessions from Jessica only. But to be fair, Ronny makes up for that by commenting on Jessica’s pictures.


Jessica Arantes Biography

Jessica was named after her mother’s favorite writer Jessica Mitford who wrote classics like “Hons and Rebels,”  “The American Way of Death.”

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that her initial years on earth were very turbulent. Her parents got separated when she was five months old.

Her father was a drug addict and abused her mother. Her mother (J.K Rowling) had to move back to England with her sister. She finally divorced her father in 1995.

There isn’t a lot of information on her childhood and which school she attended. However, one interesting fact can be deduced by the date calculation that Jessica was 4 years old when her mom’s first book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was published.

J.K Rowling then married Neil Murray in 2001. She was a working single mother for nearly six years. The hardships that J.K Rowling endured in that period, prompted her to do something to help struggling single parents. As a result, she now chairs a non-profit named “Gingerbread” which does exactly that in England and Wales.

Jessica has a one-half brother named David Gordon Rowling Murray and one-half sister named Mackenzie Jean Rowling.

Jessica is active in social media. She has a very lively Instagram account. She travels a lot and posts the pictures from all the different places.

She also can be seen doing a makeup review or makeup tips kind of videos. Needless to say, she is gaining some attention from her Instagram account which has about 6.5 thousand followers.

Additionally, she has a little known YouTube account with about 300 subscribers and about 6 videos. Her social media contents are largely in Portuguese.

Jessica Arantes Net Worth

Jessica has her own clothing brand named “JC Closefit” and the website marriedbiograpy suggests that her net-worth is around $300 thousand.

On the other hand, her mother J.K Rowling’s net-worth is around $1 Billion, all thanks to the huge success of Harry Potter books as well as their adaption to the big screens. She also makes multi-million dollar donations to different charities each year.