Three weeks after the Boxing Day crash, Jessica Falkholt died with severe injuries at 29

The Home and Away actress Jessica Falkholt died on Wednesday in a Sydney Hospital. This incident happened just three weeks after the deadly car crash which took away four people, including three members of her family.

One of the representatives of St. George Hospital confirmed the death of Jessica which took place at 10:20 A.M on 17 January. According to the statement, “Jessica passed away from serious injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident on 26 December.”

According to a source, after several critical operations her life support was finally withdrawn on 11 January, Jessica died after six days. She went through surgeries which include removal of a kidney and even part of her skull.

Famously known for the character of Hope Morrison in the drama Home and Away, Jessica was one of the victims of the car collision on 26 December. The actress’s parents Vivian Falkholt and Lars Falkholt died on the spot.

The 4WD car, that bumped into the family’s car, owner Craig Whital also died soon after the crash. Jessica was the only one to survive the crash which took place on the coast of the south of Sydney. Her sister Annabelle, 21, died three days later in the hospital. wrote, “Jessica was pulled from the wreckage of the Boxing Day crash near Ulladulla with her sister Annabelle, 21, who died in hospital three days later. Their parents, Lars, 69, and Vivian, 61, were killed at the scene.”

Jessica passed away just a week after the funeral of her parents and sister. There were hundreds of people to bid farewell during the ceremony. Jessica’s uncle, Vivian’s younger brother, Paul Ponticello later thanked those who helped his sister’s family after the crash.