Jesse Haddock

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Jesse Haddock Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Husband, Net Worth

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Jesse Haddock was born in the year 1987. Jesse has performed in many movies and TV series. He gained popularity after his excellent work in the movie “Hot Rod” which was released in 2007.

“Tell Me No Lies”, Trick ‘r Treat” and “Fair-Haired Child” (horror movie, released in 2006) are some of his famous movies. Nowadays you can find in many talk shows and TV programs, sometimes as a guest and sometimes as a host. If you want to learn more about him then let’s move on to 10 facts on Jesse Haddock.

Name Jesse Haddock
Birthday January 3, 1987
Age 33
Gender Gay
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actor
Husband Thomas Dekker

10 Facts on Jesse Haddock

  1. Jesse Haddock is a popular movie star. Some of his best works came in movies like “A Fairly Odd Christmas” (funny movie released in 2012), “Earthlickers”, and “One Last Ride”.
  2. “Gregoire” is Jesse Haddock’s latest movie, which was released in 2017. It is a Canadian drama film and was directed by Cody Bown.
  3. He was born on January 3, 1987, which means his current age is 33 and his birth sign is Capricorn.
  4. We do not have data about his body measurements, height, and weight.
  5. Jesse was born in Canada and holds a Canadian nationality. He is a popular figure in Canada.
  6. Despite his popularity, he is yet to feature on Wikipedia. But if you want to learn more about him, then we suggest you visit the IMDB website.
  7. He does not use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And it is not surprising that he is not using Tiktok.
  8. We do have information about Jesse Haddock’s husband. His husband’s name is Thomas Dekker.
  9. Jesse and Thomas got married in 2007. They are living together ever since.
  10. Now speaking of his wealth, many sources suggest that he owns multiple houses. But information about his net worth and his monthly income is not available.