Jeremy Ethier Ethnicity, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki

Jason Ethier, commonly recognized for his fitness content is a YouTube star. He currently has over 1 Million subscribers in his self-titled YouTube channel.

Here, we will discuss in brief about his age, ethnicity, and also about his estimated Net Worth.

Jason Ethier Ethnicity

Jason Ethier is of Caucasian ethnicity. He is from Vancouver, Canada.

Jason Ethier Age

It is very difficult to find information about Jason’s date of birth, birthday and his parental background.

Currently, Jason Ethier’s age is not known.

Jason Ethier: Weight, Height – 5 feet 10 inches

Jason Ethier has a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

He weighs around 165lbs. Further information about his body details can be easily obtained through the article that he has written on

Jason Ethier Dating, Girlfriend of Three Years

Jason Ethier has a girlfriend with whom he has been together for three years. In one of his Facebook post on February 14, 2018, he posted a picture of himself with his girlfriend and wished her happy Valentine’s day.

No details are available about Jason’s girlfriend. She is a little short than Jason and has blonde hair.

Jason Ethier Earnings and Net Worth ($ 1.4 Million Dollars)

Jason Ethier’s Net Worth is $ 1.4 Million Dollars according to

He has an estimated early earning of $17.8 thousand to $285.2 thousand. His monthly earnings amount to $1.5 thousand – $23.8 thousand.

Jason Ethier Wiki, Short Bio, and Details of his YouTube channel

Jason is a personal trainer. He also works as a Kinesiologist.

He created the HIIT Your Body. He also has a website where he posts fitness related contents on a regular basis.

Jason is a trainer who is a functional movement screen certified. His creation of HIIT Your Body was simply his effort to share various methods which are scientifically proven to be a good way to train one’s body.

Since his childhood days, Jason wanted the aesthetic physiques. He used to collect pictures of the aesthetic physiques from magazines.

He has stated on several occasions that unlike other bodybuilders and fitness experts, he does not take performance-enhancing drugs. He works daily and he received his body shape naturally.

After several years of trials and errors, Jason has obtained a perfect physique without using any enhancing drugs.

Jason brings something new to the table through his techniques. His training procedures are scientific and research-based. He shares these procedures on his blogs.

Currently, he is also working on releasing a book which can be used by his followers. Meanwhile, he is also a popular figure on YouTube at present.

In his YouTube channel, he posts a video regarding the proper way to build muscles. He provides tips and tricks through his YouTube channel on how to obtain a perfect body through continuous exercises and routine procedures.

He recently hit the milestone of 1 Million subscribers. Additionally, he also made a 1 Million subscriber special video titled “Who is Jason Ethier.”

Jason gets a number of likes and comments on his videos. His fans are very supportive of what he does and the number of new fans that Jason is getting daily is gradually increasing.

His video titled “How to Perform the Deadlift for Growth” which he released six months ago has more than 1.5 Million views at the moment.

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