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Jeremy Calvert Net Worth: As soon his ex Leah Calvert (Messer) dumped her longtime boyfriend Jason Jordan, news spread like a wildfire that Jeremy Calvert and his former reality star wife have rekindled their romance.

And seems like the news is actually true as the ex-couple was beaming with all smiles on the face while posing together on their recent trip to New York City.

Although it’s yet unclear if their love life has truly moved ahead or not, what’s pretty certain is that Jeremy Calvert professional career in show business is noticeably burgeoning.

The 30-years-old television star who had earlier appeared with Leah in MTV’s reality show ‘Teen Mom 2’ is reported to have accumulated a colossal amount of net worth though, the actual figure of their fortune remains a big mystery to his fans.

How much is Jeremy Calvert annual salary?

As a global social media sensation and a star cast of the popular reality television series like ‘Teen Mom 2’, it would only come as surprise if Jeremy Calvert hadn’t made a massive salary through his significant work that has been truly appreciated by people all these years.

And even though he often makes news out of his on-off relationship with ex-wife Leah Messer, it’s mostly Calvert’s appearance in reality shows that commands the attention of viewers.

With such massive fame amongst nationwide viewers, it’s pretty likely that Jeremy makes a great deal of amount as an annual salary through multiple reality TV series.

Jeremy Calvert Age – Everything on Leah Calvert Ex-husband


Born on January 6, 1989, Jeremy Calvert current age is 30 but he could easily pass out for a guy who is almost in his mid-20s.

Father of one and still so cool just has the audience especially ladies drooling over Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert as they can’t get enough of him.

Fresh-faced, Calvert is quite a hunky chap to glare at as his appearance is favored by his proper clean face, radiant skin complexion, deep blue eyes, and breathtaking smile.

Masculine enough, Jeremy possesses a ripped physique with toned abs and bulging biceps and triceps built through an intense workout regimen and healthy diet.

Apart from his good looks, there are certain things that are more interesting to look at and know about Jeremy Calvert which includes his love life with Leah Messer.

A native of West Virginia, Jeremy had tied the knot with Leah in an intimate ceremony in April 2012, nearly after a year after she broke up with her husband of one year Corey Simms.

Married for three years until 2015, the dreamy couple did relish a blissful life and even welcomed their own bundle of joy, daughter Adalynn Faith Calvert before things started to shred and the couple broke up shortly after.

But now it seems the duo is willing to give their marriage a second chance as there have been rumors that ex-couple has reconciled after Leah broke up with her new beau Jason Jordan.

Apart from a daughter with Calvert, Leah is also a mom of two adorable girls whom she had with her previous husband Corey Simms.