Who Is Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Dad's, Lester Earl? 

Lester Earl is 41 years old. He is the father of Jeremiah Robinson-Earl.

His son is an American basketball player who plays at the Oklahoma City Thunder of the (NBA) National Basketball Association. Jeremiah played college basketball for the Villanova Wildcats.

Lester lives and works in Kansas City. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl became a huge LSU football fan because of his dad. 

Although, Robinson never got the chance to live with him. Due to some undisclosed circumstances, Jeremiah's mother and Lester never lived with each other. 

On Lester Earl's Wikipedia 

Lester Earl has not been allowed to get his biography on the official page of Wikipedia. 

However, his son Jeremiah's profile is available on Wikipedia. Lester welcomed Robinson on November 3, 2000. 

If you want to see more on Jeremiah Robinson, here is his page on Wikipedia

Is He Married? Wife And Family Of Lester Earl

Lester Earl and Katie Robinson never got married. They remained on good terms.

Jeremiah says, "I got the best traits from my mom, and I got the best traits from my dad." 

He has three sons. Robinson has got two brothers: Drake Davis and Lestat Earl. 

What Happened to Lester Earl?

Lester Earl could not make a big name in the basketball world. 

Earl currently works and lives in Kansas City now. A couple of years ago, he worked as a personal trainer for basketball players from all around the globe. 

Net Worth of Lester Earl 

We tried intensely to get a hand over Lester Earl's net worth, but sadly we found none. 

There is no information on Lester's net worth and earnings.