Jennifer Arnold Salary, Age, Net Worth, Parents, MD, Cancer: Wiki, Bio

Jennifer Arnold Salary and Net Worth: Jennifer Arnold is a renowned American neonatologist and TV personality. She is widely known for starring in the television series “The Little Couple” alongside her husband Ben Klein which airs on TLC.

The show chronicles the lives of the couple along with their adopted kids.

Besides TV stint, Jennifer also serves as the medical director for the Simulation Center at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Jennifer Arnold surely receives a hefty paycheck through her medical profession which has helped her to amass colossal net worth.

Been in the medical industry since years, she has gained a remarkable reputation along with sound fortunes which have been helping her to live well-going life in the United States.

Apart from her profession, she also gathers an extra amount of money through her TV show “The Little Couple” and appearing in other various shows and interviews as well.

Jennifer Arnold Age – 45 Years Old

Jennifer Arnold was born on 10 March 1974 which means that her current age is 45.

On her mid-forties, she is living a fantastic life with intense fame and success along with her supportive husband and kids.

Diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia, Jennifer Arnold stands with a height of 3 feet 2 inches (96.5 cm).

Approaching her fifties, Jennifer stills flaunts crystal clear skin with almost no signs of aging. Being a doctor, she has managed to stay fit and healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

She has gray eyes, fair skin tone, and blonde hair color.

Jennifer Arnold Parents

Jennifer Arnold has become parents along with her husband Ben Klein by adopting two kids.

The couple welcomed their elder son Will on 15 October 2013 from Hohhot, China while their daughter Zoey was adopted on 15 October 2013 from Delhi, India.

Both of their children have dwarfism and stars on the show “The Little Couple”.

Jennifer Arnold MD and Cancer

Jennifer Arnold who is Medical Director (MD) of the Simulation Center at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital who is also a proud cancer survivor.

Her cancer treatment was one of the major subjects of Season 6 of “The Little Couple” which was broadcasted in 2014.

Jennifer announced that she has been detected with cancer stage 4 choriocarcinoma in December 2014 which was formed because of a non-viable pregnancy she underwent back in late 2013. However, she is completely fine as of now as she battled successfully from the malignant disease.

Jennifer Arnold Wiki and Bio

Jennifer Arnold Wiki: Jennifer Arnold is a veteran neonatologist who has gained enough fame through her TV appearance that there are various sites which offer her wiki and bio.

Born in Orlando, Florida, she was diagnosed with the skeletal condition since her birth which caused her dwarfism.

Despite being bullied and abused by her friends, her will-power of being a doctor never faded. After high school, she studied at the University of Miami from where she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology.

Following, she relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where she enrolled at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and graduated in 2000.

After that, she went at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for a Pediatric Residency Program. While her fellowship in neonatology, she attended the University of Pittsburgh from where she gained her Master’s of Science in Medical Education.

Besides her other jobs, Jennifer also serves at Baylor College of Medicine as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology in Houston, Texas.