Jennifer Araoz Age, Wikipedia :: Biography on Jeffrey Epstein Rape Accuser

Jennifer Araoz Age, Wikipedia :: Biography on Jeffrey Epstein Rape Accuser

A New York native, Jennifer Aaroz stepped forward and accused multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein of rape. According to Jennifer, Jeffrey raped Jennifer during her teenage years. The New York native who is 32 years old spoke to NBC revealed how Jeffrey staff and Jeffrey harassed her at the age of 14.

According to Jennifer, Jeffrey asked her to perform sexual services. Moreover, he raped her when she was 15 years old, according to Jennifer.

Despite Jennifer claims, Jeffrey has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges. The case was filed at The Southern District Court of New York. Though Jennifer isn’t a part of the case, her lawyers have filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court. Moreover, her clients are indicating her intention to file a lawsuit against Jeffrey.

Here are a few things you might want to know about Jennifer Araoz.

Jennifer Araoz Age: 23 Years Old

Jennifer Araoz is based in New York City. Born and raised in New York City, Jennifer is an American citizen. Likewise, she belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity.

Though the details about her age aren’t public yet, she could be running in her late 20s, judging from her appearance.

Moreover, according to sources, Jeffrey allegedly raped Jennifer while she was 15 back in 2001.

On account of this, Jennifer might be 23 years of age as of now.

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Jeffrey Epstein Rape Accuser –  Jennifer Araoz Wikipedia

The New York woman rose to fame accusing Jeffrey Epstein of rape. According to Jennifer, Jeffrey raped her while she was 15 years of age. The lady claims that Jeffrey and her staffs asked her to offer sexual service to Jeffrey. Moreover, he reportedly raped Jennifer at the age of 15.

Back then, at the age of 14, Jennifer was a freshman at Talent Unlimited High School in 2001. The school is located just a few blocks away from Jeffrey’s mansion. While Jennifer accused Jeffrey of sexual misconduct, Jeffrey denied she wanted to know her back then.

As per reports, Jeffrey used to take Jennifer to lunch after school. Jennifer dreamt of becoming a Broadway actress and Jeffrey hit the buck out of nowhere. Thanks to her dreams of pursuing a career as an actress, Jeffrey could manipulate Jennifer making her claims of movies and Tv shows.

Jeffrey could really open the doors to help her pursue her acting career. That’s a big part of the case. Likewise, Jeffrey will pinpoint the issue to count his innocence. According to, Jennifer’s father died from AIDS a few years earlier. Using her soft point, Jeffrey claimed to make donations to AIDS charities. Possibly, Jennifer was impressed by Jeffrey’s claims.

Moreover, they met at Jeffrey’s mansion in New York City. He revealed that he had heard a lot about her. Jeffrey gave Jennifer $300 as she served him wine from his kitchen.

Jennifer Says Jeffrey Raped Her in 2002

At the age of 15, Jennifer and Jeffrey were together in a massage room. While at the massage room, Jeffrey asked Jennifer to remove her underwear, according to sources. According to Jennifer, Jeffrey held her down on the massage table and raped her.

According to Jennifer, she never went back to Jeffrey’s home after the incident.