Jena Ehlinger Attorney, Sam Ehlinger Mom, Age, Father, Net Worth, Family and More

It’s a proud moment for Jena Ehlinger to see her son Sam Ehlinger win a 2019 Sugar Bowl trophy. On top of that, he also became the M.V.P of the match.

Most of the might recognize Jena as the mother of Sam Ehlinger. In fact, he is an American football quarterback for Texas Longhorns.

Jena, herself is a lawyer by profession. Her son has been winning the hearts of millions in his tender age.

The family got int the spotlight after their emotional celebration of the win. Apparently, Sam went onto hug his mother in the crowd beside his other family members.

Who is Sam’s mother Jena Ehlinger? Her family, age, net worth and more. Here’s all you need to know.

Jena Ehlinger is an attorney at Vinson and Elkins – Bio and net worth

Jena Ehlinger might be a new name to the public. However, she has been a backbone for the success of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger for almost 20 years.

It’s very rare for the mother to come into the spotlight after a son’s success. But, in the case of the Ehlinger family, it is different.

Back in 2013, some hard news hit the family regarding the heart attack of Ross Ehlinger. He was a reputed sportsman and a coach.

Ross was competing in the Alcatraz triathlon when he suffered the horrible incident. However, the incident became an inspiration to Sam as devotes his success to his family.

Raising children by a single mother is always hard. However, Jena managed to hold on to the plug and raised her 3 children to be stars.

Jena is originally from Springfield, Virginia. She completed her high school from Robert E. Lee High School, Springfield for the class of 1984.

Afterward, she relocated to Austin, Texas for her law studies.

Besides, Jena is a graduate from the University of Texas in law. She has been working as an attorney for Vision and Elkins.

Jena Ehlinger’s net worth is under review. However, the amount must be approximately $200,000. She has earned it after her struggles through her life raising the kids.

How old is Sam Ehlinger’s mom? age


There is factual data on her date of birth. As a result, it is very difficult to predict her actual age. However, we could enjoy some guessing games.

Assumedly, she must be in her early 50s. As per her pictures, Jena Ehlinger must be approximately 50 years old.

On the other hand, she has 2 sons and a daughter and her eldest son Sam is 20 years of age. Therefore, there is no surprise of her age.

Jena Ehlinger’s father and family

Jena Ehlinger has not shared much about her past life and childhood memories. Neither has she shared about her parents and relatives.

There is no information about her father for now. On the other hand, her husband, Sam’s father, Ross was a reputed personality around Austin, Texas.

He was a football coach at local teams. Moreover, he was a swimmer and a renowned athlete. Apparently, he was taken off the world at the age of 46 in 2013.

The news hit hard on the family. Although, Jena was strong enough to look after her 3 children.

Sam has 2 siblings, a sister Morgan Ehlinger and a brother Jacob McAdams Ehlinger. Morgan is a cheerleader at Westlake High School. Whereas, his brother is also a football player.

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