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Jen Flaum Age: A sibylline and unwanted name to both media and public until her romantic relationship with MLB player Aaron Judge sparked; Jen Flaum has now become paparazzo’s favorite.

And all because the 23-years-old is giving media blazing stories from the private life of New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge.

A self-proclaimed social media phenomenon and fashion model, Jen has lately caused the media frenetic by framing stories of Aaron’s personal life which is speculated to be one of the reasons why the ex-couple broke up.

Who is Jen Flaum Boyfriend? Are they still together?

Furious fans of Aaron Judge has slammed social media influencer Jen Flaum for divulging stories from his private account and shaping it over the years.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet fuming fans have alleged Jen of misleading them with secret information of her ex-boyfriend and baseball player Judge that she leaked herself.

Aaron and Jen had reportedly dated each other earlier but due to multiple reasons and differences, the couple broke up shortly afterward.

News of their romantic affair printed on the front page of a magazine when they saw the blond beauty joining the 27-years-old New York Yankees outfielder during U.S. Open held at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The couple didn’t pose together neither made the relationship official by confirming it at the event but they seemed like a couple having a great time while watching the game.

The relationship that blossom in secret soon came in the eye of the public when an unknown social media user disclosed all the private information about Aaron including his affair with Jen.

Their relationship became bitter when news sparked that it was Flaum who disclosed all the information and the two separated shortly after.

Jen Flaum Height


She may not be as tall as her ex-flame Aaron Flaum but Jen Flaum definitely has got a pretty good height which would have complimented the baseball player 6 feet 6 inches only had they been still together.

Nonetheless, Jen will surely find her own soulmate in the near future especially with a real feminine look, effortless elegance, and charm that gets the men every time they look at the fashion model.

With her perfect facial looks, dreamlike visage, heart-warming smile perfected by a lean physique, Flaum oozes Hollywood glamour.

Jen Flaum Photos

Although it’s not been confirmed yet, several websites have claimed that it was Jen who posted photos of Aaron and her stepping out in California with a note of the baseball player hanging out with the mysterious blond girl.

Multiple other pics of Judge strolling around and having a great time with his close friends has also been posted on social media based on which Jen is accused of plying the baseball player to seek attention from the public.

Jen Flaum Wiki & Bio

Unlike her ex-boyfriend, Jen Flaum hasn’t got her own wiki page but several websites have provided detail information about the rising model.

As per her bio in multiple websites, Jen is reported to be a native of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. She is an Instagram star and rising model who has been sharing snaps of her lifestyle in social media since mid-2012.

Jen is a graduate of the University of Michigan and she is currently trying to find successes in modeling.

Even though Jen hasn’t spoken publicly about them, the 23-years-old has featured her parents including her mom, dad and two siblings on her Instagram post.