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Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf
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Find Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf How old, Wife, Son Shia, Net Worth, Children, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Age Wiki & Bio Facts, Read Also:-

When it comes to Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf is a household name. After all, throughout the years, he has proved that he can act for real.

No wonder he is one of the famous and talented actors we have right now. Although he has been in a fair share of controversies, he bounces back again even better and stronger than before.

And, recently, he wrote a film about his dad, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf. What’s more, he will be playing the role of his dad in the movie.

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In spite of having not so normal relationship with his dad, Shia has not really blamed him for anything. And, this movie will show you just how did Shia became the man that he is now.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Age

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf must be quite old when it comes to his age. After all, he is the father of a grown man.

Since his son, Shia is already 33 years of age as of 2019, he must be really old. But, his age is not known to everyone.

According to an article by The Sun, he was 68 years old when he was found hiding out in Costa Rica in the year 2016. So, he might be around 71 years old as of now.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Motorcycle


Shia has portrayed the role of his father in his upcoming biopic. And, for the role, he transformed himself into his dad so well, people could not recognize him.

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The photos of Shia riding a motorcycle also circulated over the internet. But, people could hardly notice that it was Shia in the guise of his dad.

In this way, he will be showing the relationship he and his dad shared through this unusual but beautiful biopic. And, we can’t wait to watch it.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf Net Worth

Well, Jeffrey is a former soldier. And, he has no source of earnings at present so, his net worth might not amount a good deal.

However, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf’s actor son, Shia has an estimated net worth of $25 million dollars.

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf’s Wiki

Anyone will say that Jeffrey, in fact, was a troubled man. Despite being the father of Shia, he could not live up to the role of the father.

When in normal households, parents act as the provider of the family. But, in Shia’s case, the role was reversed.

Because it was him who earned for his dad’s living. And, he began to work as a child actor in Disney’s Even Stevens.

At the time, they were living like a bunch of hippies at $40 a day hotel that was close to the shoot.

Jeffrey’s Bio

Jeffrey is a former soldier. He is the father of the famous actor, Shia LaBeouf. And, he is a Vietnam veteran who has battled alcohol and heroin addiction as well.

In the year 1981, he was convicted of attempting to rape a minor. He also suffered from PTSD due to his time at the Vietnam war.

Nonetheless, Jeffrey and his son share a close relationship at present in spite of their troubled past. It is good to see that Shia holds no grudges against his father now.