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Jeff Elford is a local American contemporary artist. He is accused of sexually harassing a female friend while enjoying at a restaurant in Marfa, Texas.

Jeff and his female friend were enjoying dinner at a restaurant in Marfa. The accident dates back in August 2018, according to police documents shared by New York Daily News. On their way out of the restaurant after dinner-drink, Jeff urged his female friend. According to the complaint, the 53 years old asked his female friend that he wants to kiss her breasts.

After she denied him, Jeff blocked her path and forcefully grabbed her breast. Aftermath, he pulled her breast out of her bra and shirt and put his mouth on her breast. The lady told the police she was shocked by Jeff’s actions and was clueless about what’s happening to her.

Though the incident took place in August 2018, the lady waited until October. She per police, the lady fared retaliation. On 14 November 2018, Jeff was charged on simple assault, which is a non-arrestable offense. In case found guilty, he needs to pay a penalty of $500.

Meanwhile, Liz Rogers, Jeff’s attorney, cited the case as a low-level attempt to extort Jeff. However, the unmanned lady is still on her claims.

Here’s what you want to know about Jeff Elrod.

Jeff Elrod Wiki

There isn’t any official Wikipedia on Jeff Elrod on the internet. However, there are a few details available on the NYC contemporary artist, accused of sexual misconduct.

The details fo his exact date of birth and birthplace are still unknown.

Jeff Elrod Age


Born in 1996 in Texas, according to Heavy, Jeff Elrod is 53 years of age at present. The details of his early life, parents, and siblings are still unknown. He works as a contemporary artist and splits his time in New York, Texas, and Marfa.

In the years of his career, he worked in Texas and Marfa. He works at a studio in Marfa and Texas. Later he spread his wings to New York, as well. As a local icon, Jeff has appeared in a number of interviews. Likewise, during an interview with BoluinArtInfo, he told having brought up in California and Texas.

According to reports obtained by New Times San Luis Obispo, the 53-year old wakes up at noon and paints till 2 or 3 am. He works on his paintings first by making digital drawings on his tabloids. Contrary to his working style, which is inspired jointly by humans and computers association, he doesn’t have any website.

As the details of his personal life are still unknown, it’s unclear whether Jeff Elfrod’s is a married man or not.

The details of his personal life are still under review.

What is His Net Worth?

Known for his variety of abstract paintings, Jeff Elrod has, so far, exhibited his paintings in Paris, Hong Kong, Athens, New York, and several other cities.

He works in a six digits figure price tag.

According to Artspace, his 2014 painting auction fetch from $160 thousand to $300 thousand.

Through his six-digit figure price tag, Elrod could be making a colossal income.

However, the details of Jeff Elrod net worth and annual earning are still unknown.