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Jeante Godlock Age, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Height, Married, Husband
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Jeante Godlock Age, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Height, Married, Husband. Jeante Godlock Wiki, Birthday, How tall, Boyfriend, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Read More:-

The post-apocalyptic series ‘Daybreak‘ is about to air for the first season on 24th October 2019. So, Jeante Godlock comes into the spotlight as one of the casts of the show.

The show features a group of high school students searching for a girl in post-apocalyptic Glendale.

Jeante Godlock, as an American actress has pocketed a role in the series for the first season. However, this is not her first time in the industry.

She made her mark after starring a lead role in the biography movie ‘The Simone Biles‘. It was the real-life story of an American gymnast and the ups and downs in her career.

Herself an athlete and sports lover she portrayed the role with flying colors.

Today we will be focusing on her age, wiki, relationships, height, and more. Continue to know all the details on her.

Jeante Godlock age – 31 years old in 2019

It has not been much since Jeante Godlock made her mark in Hollywood. However, she has already established an eager and enthusiastic fan base for herself.

Born on April 24, 1988, according to famous birthdays, she is 31 years old as of 2019. She made her professional film debut in 2018 at the age of 30.

She has been a bit late in Hollywood but she has a bright future with immense potential. A 31, she has already made her mark through renowned movies and series.

There is no Wikipedia page on her name


Since she has just stepped into a film career, it’s not surprising that she doesn’t have a biography page on Wikipedia.

Judging through the prospects, she will have one near future. Likewise, there are not many online sources dictating her biography.

However, her IMDb profile paints a brief picture of her career. On the other hand, her famous birthday’s bio gives some idea of her childhood.

She is a local from the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles. Born and grew up in the city of angels, she had quite a decent childhood.

She had a passion for art since her school days. As a matter of fact, she got dancing training for 10 years.

Additionally, she was into cheerleading and sports. She used to actively involve in gymnastics, running, cheerleading, swimming, volleyball, and yoga.

That even helped her to pocket the lead role in ‘The Simone Biles’. Unfortunately, there are no details on her parents and family for now.

Jeante Godlock has 4 acting credits as of 2019. She started off with ‘Fit Club’ in 2018. In fact, she herself used to run a fitness blog.

She started acting training under Tasha Smith. Thereafter, she grabbed the roles in ‘Sell Out’ and  ‘The Simone Biles’ in 2018.

In October 2019, she will be featuring in ‘Daybreak’.

Is Jeante Godlock married? Her boyfriend, husband

The fitness geek likes to keep her relationship a low profile. As a result, she has not uttered a single word regarding her relationship.

Assumedly, she is single for now but not for a long time as she might be looking for someone to settle with at the age of 31.

There are no sources claiming her tieing the knot. So,  Jeante Godlock has never been married.

Height: 4 feet and 11 inches

It may sound surprising for an actress to be quite short. However, such is always not the case.

Jeante Godlock is quite short with a height of 4 feet and 11 inches.

Her height actually helped her to land the role in ‘Simone Biles’. In fact, Biles was just 4 feet and 8 inches tall.