Jeanie Buss Net Worth: Know Jeanie Buss Boyfriend, Husband and Married Life

For the lovers of basketball, being exact for the lover of Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie Buss isn’t a new name. The Santa Monica, California-born blonde is the owner and president of NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Born as Jeanie Marie Buss. Jeanie is also a real estate investor who came to won the Lakers, carrying on her father’s legacy.

Speaking of which, it reminds of her father, a well-known businessman, chemist, investor and philanthropist. Having a rich, way rich, the father comes with really good benefits. Well, with a father who owns a business, and if the business is doing well, you might not really have to spend your time in colleges, books, and others.

Enjoy your time with all the riches you go by on your rich father’s money and when you are aged enough to sit on his owner, the doors are all open at that moment. But carrying on one’s legacy isn’t a thing to take over ease. It’s hard to carry on the legacy, but not for this lady.

Jeanie’s father, Jerry owned most of the percentage at the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. While Jerry was the owner of the team, the Lakers have won 10 league champions.

Likewise, Jeanie’s duration at the Lakers also has some good stories to write off when the lady walks away from the team.

The 57-year old Jeanie took over the family business as GM of the Los Angels Strings’ tennis team. She later went to own Los Angeles Blades’ roller hockey team. Jeanie was previously the president serving her time at the Great Western Forum, prior to becoming the vice-president of the Angeles.

Her father passed away in 2013 and following his death, Jerry’s ownership was passed on to his six children. For Jeanie, she took over as Lakers president and governs Lakers Board.

Jeanie Buss Net Worth – $500 Million

Jeanie Buss enjoys a net worth of $500 million, as of 2019. The blonde beauty made her millions as the president of the Lakers, passed on to her by her late father. She is also one of the board members of the Lakers society.

Jeanie is ranked on the Forbes list of Most Powerful Women in the list and is ranked No. 8.

Speaking of her assets, Jeanie owned a mansion in Los Angeles, California worth $2.76 million. She purchased the property in 2007 and old for $1.8 million in 2011. In 2011, she purchased a mansion for $2.45 million in Playa Vista. Her Playa Vista house consists of four beds, five baths and is spared over 3,200 sq feet area. The home has a spacious living room and balcony.

Speaking of rides, she is a huge fan of expensive and luxurious rides. She rides a Mercedes Benz, Ford Taurus, and Bentley Continental.

Know About Jeanie Buss Boyfriend, Husband, and Married Life

Jeanie Buss who is known for her phrase, “I never put my marriage first … It was always business which attracted me” is currently living a bachelorette life. She has a fair share of ups and downs in her love life.

She has been married, divorced, got engaged and had to call off her engagement.

In 1999 Jeanie Buss married former volleyball player, Steve Timmons. They divorced three years later, in 1994.

In December 1999, she began dating Phil Jackson, the former New York Knicks player.

After dating for a few years, Jeanie got engaged to her boyfriend, Phil Jackson.

On December 27, 2016, she announced having called off her engagement with Jackson.