Jaya Lee Kelly aka Jay Kelly is a 19-years-old transgender child of R&B singer-songwriter R. Kelly and choreographer Andrea Lee Kelly.

Taking on Jaya's Instagram, the teen announced that he is openly transgender and has changed the name to Jay which eventually caused the media frenzied.

  • Birthday: 2000 (Age 19)
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: N/A

Jaya Lee Kelly Revealed Himself as a Transgender through his Instagram Post

Jaya Lee Kelly recently came out as transgender and Jaya couldn’t have been any better-off and contented since he had been keeping the secret within himself for over 7 years.

Lee was nearly aged 6 or 7 when he comprehended that he was actually a boy, though, never spoke about it with anyone, not even his mom and siblings.

And since now, he has finally gone public with his sexuality, both his siblings and mom Andrea is showing immense supportive to him, though his father seems to be disappointed about it.

Jay is still too young for marriage as he hasn’t even started his professional career. The young son of record producer R. Kelly is so far living a carefree single life with no anguish of break up.

The 19-years-old is so far single and is relishing an untroubled life. In fact, Jaya doesn’t even seem t be interested in getting married anytime soon.

Jay's Parents: R. Kelly and Andrea Lee Kelly

Born and raised in the United States, Jaya is the second child of singer-songwriter R. Kelly and choreographer Andrea Kelly.

His father is a Grammy Award-winning singer from Chicago, Illinois who has recorded hit singles like ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and written track ‘You Are Not Alone’ for King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Subsequently, Jay's mom is a trained dancer and choreographer who rose to prominence through VH1 reality series ‘Hollywood Exes’. At the age of 6, his mom separated from his father filing for divorce citing that he physically and emotionally abused her throughout the relationship.

After being legally divorced in 2009, Andrea relished a single until she found love with 36-years-old R&B singer Brian Mckee. They tied the knot in 2014 but within two months ended the relationship following allegations that McKee cheated on her.

Being accompanied by two siblings Joann and Robert Jr. Jaya had an amply fine childhood. His elder sister Joann is currently pursuing a career in music.

Jaya Lee Kelly Age, 19 and Height

The 19-years-old good-looking chap, Jaya Lee Kelly stands at a considerable height with lean physique. Despite being young and amateur in showbiz, he looks super stylish and handsome with a slender physique that he often displays on casual outfit and streetwear.

Blessed with the genes of talented and gorgeous choreographer mom Andrea, it’s no surprise that Jaya has come out impeccably good-looking and bold just like her.

At a young age of 14, he won the heart of millions with his strong move to go public with his sexuality and confessed that he is a transgender.

Jaya aka Jay is one brave fella with a strong persona and willpower. With his perfect carved face, expressive eyes, chilled out attitude and spellbinding smile, Kelly have awe-struck thousands of teenage girls.

His witty sense of humor with distinctive physical features including thick eyebrows and side-swept modern hairstyle has further made him look super hot and charming.

Following the footsteps of singer-songwriter sister of Joann, Kelly has perfected his physique and has been working quite a lot on his body indulging in an intense workout routine and diet.

In his leisure, the young one often hangs out with friends; go on exciting trips and family vacations. He also enjoys his time learning martial arts and playing around with his siblings.

Jaya Lee Kelly Wiki, and Bio

Jaya Lee Kelly’s estimated net worth and salary have not even revealed yet in any of the biography portal and Wikipedia. Still, in his teens, Kelly is yet to make a career for own-self in the industry and rake a colossal fortune.

Despite being born with the status of celebrity kid, Jaya hasn’t yet established own-self a career in the industry.

Hence, it is fair to say that the young son of R. Kelly has still a long way to reach the height of success just like his dad.