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Jason Bolden Wiki, Age (Netflix) Married, Net Worth, Styling Hollywood, Husband Adair Curtis
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Jason Bolden is a name trying to carve his elegant styles in Hollywood. In this generation of style and fashion, he is known for his work of fashion. He is going to be seen in Netflix’s Reality Show, Styling Hollywood which starts from 30th August.

Let’s know a little more about him.

Jason Bolden Age is 37 Years old:

Jason Bolden was born on 27 February 1982 in St. Louis Mason used to be fond of skating in his teenage days and he has done a lot of skating in his hometown. Currently, he is 37 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Jason’s Wikipedia, Education, and Early Life


Talking about his academics, he joined to study Pre-Medicals in Chicago, Illinois. However, the class did not end for long. After spending all the money he had, he had to work for his living away from home. That was while he decided to work in the field of fashion instead of Medicals.

He studied fashion at the Art Institute of Chicago.

As for his career, he started working since he moved to Chicago. From getting a retail job in Cynthia Rowley to opening his own fashion store, he has grown a lot.

After working for Chloe, Oscar Da Le Renta and Gucci, he finally thought that he was ready enough to chase his dream of fashion.

For the start, as he moved to New York, he opened a vintage fashion store, The Garment Room. Then gradually, he started designing for friends of celebrities for events. And finally, with his hard work and dedication, he became one of the famous celebrity stylists.

He has styled Yara Shahidi, Wiz Khalifa, Tika Sumpter, Serena Williams and many more. For the Fashion fans, Netflix is also coming up with this brilliant stylist’s show, “Styling Hollywood” from 30th August.

In addition to this, Jason is also a co-founder of JSN studios that works for keeping the creativity in interior designing alive.

He has co-founded this studio with his husband.

Jason Bolden Married Husband/Partner Adair Curtis

Jason tied the knot in 2012. He married his Gay partner, Adair Curtis on August 2012. Their love is very evident from their pictures.

Adair Curtis is an Interior designer. Also, he is the creative head and co-founder of JSN studio. Moreover, he is going to be on the Netflix show, Styling Hollywood with his partner Jason. We wish them all the luck.

Both of them are fond of Social media. Jason is on Instagram as @jasonbolden. He is also on twitter.

Similarly, his husband Adair is also an active member of twitter and Instagram.

This couple has been the perfect example of love beyond gender. After togetherness of 7 years and more, they share nothing but love, companionship, and respect for each other. The couple has seen highs and lows together, and certainly, has grown together.

What is Jason Bolden’s Net Worth?

Well, there is no exact record to give a clear picture of his net worth on the internet. But since he is a famous stylist, we can at least predict.

Jason Bolden net worth could be in Millions. According to records, celebrity stylists are capable of earning &100,000 and more in a year.

As he has his own store in New York and is also a very famous stylist, he must have a decent net worth. After styling a number of celebrities, he must be a busy person. Reposts say that he travels quite often between New York and Los Angeles.

Netflix Presents: Styling Hollywood

This show, as said earlier, starts on August 30 which is not far. This show is created by Carlos King.

We can see the experiences of Jason and Adair in balancing their professional as well as personal life. Fans will get to see a closer look at their life and styles in Hollywood in the show.