Boyfriend and Relationship of TiTok Star, Jasmine Orlando

There are no clues given of the past and present relationship of Jasmine Orlando. Besides, she is just 16 years old teenage girl. Right now she is more focused on what she does. She involves herself in making TikTok videos and entertaining her fans. Jasmine is not dating anyone as of 2019. So we can assume that she is single and way too young to be in a relationship. Also, she as well has not spoken up about this matter on her social accounts or in any other media.

Social Media Updates – Facebook and Instagram Account

Jasmine Orlando ahs her facebook account by her name. on her account, we can see her pictures with her friends at school. On the other hand, her Instagram account is private. She is selective when it comes to choosing followers for her Instagram account. Jasmine does not have much of the followers in her Instagram account.

More about Jasmine Orlando – Bio

Jasmine is one of the shining faces of TikTok has a total of 6.3 million views on her account. Despite her body complications and limitations, she is making and entertaining her followers. Moreover, jasmine has to face lots of criticisms and bullying from some of her fans. Many see her as a tiny short human with an ugly personality.

Who are the parents of Jasmine Orlando? Family and Siblings Information

Not much known about Jasmine’s private life, her parental details are missing. Although, it is heard that she has a sibling brother who is also a TikTok Star.

Birthday Updates

She celebrates her birthday on November 8 each year. Since her Instagram account is private, not many details are known of how she celebrates her birthday.

Wikipedia Details – None

Jasmine Orlando is just a rising star and does not have official Wikipedia information. Although, she was born in 2002, November 8 in the United States. She holds an American nationality.

Official TikTok Account Details

Jasmine Orlando is one of the famous faces in TikTok, which is a lip-syncing app. Because of her admirable expressions and act, more than 400 thousand people follow her. We can find her TikTok account by name @jasmineorlando2.

Height and Weight Details of Jasmine Orlando

Talking about the height of Jasmine, there is no exact measurement available. However, looking at her images, she is tiny and is small in height. Maybe because of genetics and some other reasons, she has a height less than what a normal 16 year should have. She appears to be chubby and cheerful. Also, her teeth are wired or she has braces on her teeth to make them in shape.

Exact Age of the TikTok Star

Currently, Jasmine Orlando is 16 years old.

Some Interesting Facts on Jasmine Orlando

  • Jasmine Orlando  (born in 2002, November 8) is 16 years old. Orlando is around 5 feet 2 inches tall.
  • She is not dating any boyfriend as of 2019.
Jasmine Orlando, 16, is a TikTok star with 414.2K followers in her TikTok account. Many people praise and equally bully her on social platforms. However, she has a positive and cheerful attitude. Jasmine admires her fan and likes maintaining a low profile. Recently, on her TikTok account as @jasmineorlando2, she has worked with a green screen.