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Ja'Siah Young Age, Wiki [ Raising Dion ] Height, Parents, Family, Bio
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Ja’Siah Young Wiki [ Raising Dion ] Height, Parents, Family, Bio. Ja’Siah Young Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, How tall/old, Father, Mother, Sister Read Also:-

The science fiction series ‘Raising Dion‘ is about to air on October 4, 2019. With just a few days remaining, the talks in town are all about Dion, a.k.a Ja’Siah Young.

Ja’Siah is an emerging American actor. Just like his family name suggests, he is a young actor who has made a breakthrough in his schooling days.

The show is about the boy(Dion) with a superpower. Moreover, it is central to the ups and downs in raising him.

Nonetheless, fans and followers are eager for the first season. With the first season on TV, Ja’Siah Young will pave a path for his memorable career.

Continue to know details on the rising star Ja’Siah Young.

Ja’Siah Young Age: 8 years old

Ja’Siah Young was born on August 9, 2011. That makes him 8 years old as of 2019. Despite the tender number in his age, he has gone through the hypes in his career.

At 8, he should have been focusing on his school life. Rather, he chooses to follow his dream and passion.

Therefore, he has been in acting since 2015 when he was just 4 years old. It’s not due to the family pressure but his love for acting.

At just 8, he has achieved the breakthrough that every actor in 20s would ever dream of.

Ja’Siah Young Wiki, Bio


As mentioned earlier, he has already found a breakthrough in his career. All his hard work and passion has paid off.

The fans will be able to closely observe his acting skills on 4th October 2019 from ‘Raising Dion’. There is a story to the 8-year-old making himself into the spotlight.

The story starts off from the place where he landed his feet for the first time, his birthplace. Born to Lawaine Young (mother), he is a native of Pennsylvania, United States.

Details on his mother’s profession are not available for now. Neither is their information about his father.

Just like him, he has a little sister of around 4 years old. Looking at Ja’Siah posts, she is also destined to be a model.

He often posts of his sister modeling for e-commerce sites. Similarly, he shares some cute pictures of her on Instagram which fans adore.

Ja’Siah Young maybe 8 but he knows all about acting. His IMDb profile has 4 acting credits for now.

In fact, he commenced with ‘Billy on the Street’ in 2015. Ja’Siah Young featured in one of the episodes. Then, he got a brief role in ‘Rough Night’ in 2017.

Making his way to the top, he landed the role of Dion Warren in ‘Raising Dion’ in 2019. Similarly, he will also feature as Justin Simpson in ‘Nicole and O.J.‘.

As of 2019, Ja’Siah Young doesn’t have his bio listed in sites like Wikipedia.

How tall is Ja’Siah Young’s height?

As a kid, it’s quite unfair to judge his height. In fact, he has more than a decade to grow. So, considering his age, he has a decent height.

According to, Ja’Siah Young is 1.47 meters tall. That makes him 4 feet and 10 inches. At 8, that is a pretty decent height.

He has more than a decade to grow a feet more. Doesn’t feel like there is trouble in paradise.

Details of Ja’Siah Young parents and family

As mentioned earlier, there are not many details on Ja’Siah Young’s parents and family for now. Although he is the son of Lawaine Young.

Likewise, he has a little sister whom he loves a lot. Looks like she is also going to be model and actress.