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Jarrett Culver Girlfriend: Jarrett Culver, such a handsome hunk most have a girlfriend or might be in a relationship with someone very beautiful.

However, he has not disclosed any sorts of information regarding his relationship in any sources and media.

Jarrett Culver Age (20 years)

Jarrett Culver born on the 20th day of February 1999 and is of 20 years age as of 2019.

Such a young guy and already a renowned basketball player. Doesn’t that impress you girls?

Jarrett Culver Height (6 feet 6 inches)


Jarrett Culver has a towering height of about 6 feet and 6 inches which is about 1.98 meter. Yeah! You read it right 1.98 meters. Isn’t that awesome to be of that height?

Jarrett has also a perfectly maintained body with a weight of about 88.45 kg. Being a basketball player it is important to have maintained the body.

Jarrett Culver is listed in the list of Big 12 Player of the year 2019. He is also one of the players of Consensus second team All-American.

Jarrett Culver Wiki

Jarrett Culver is an American Basketball player playing for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He was born on Lubbock, Texas and is an American citizen.

The details about his early life are very little. But we have collected most of his information about his early age for you dear readers. He did his high- school studies in Coronado. After his high school, he joined Texas Tech in the year 2017. He is still pursuing his degree in Texas Tech.

He was very interested in football and basketball since his childhood. But while studying at Irons Middle School, he was fascinated by basketball more than football and started to think to make basketball his career.

Jarrett Culver game position is a shooting guard and has played in Big 12 Conference as a shooting guard.

Jarrett Culver Parents – Hiawatha Culver Jr. and Regina Culver

Jarrett Culver was born to Hiawatha Culver Jr. his father and Regina Culver his mother.

According to information collected, his father is a pastor at Rising Star Baptist Church and his mother is a director of a Local Head Start.

Jarrett also has a brother older than him named Trey with whom he played basketball during his childhood.

Jarrett Culver Salary

The specific details about Jarrett Culver salary on Texas Tech Red Raiders are not revealed yet.

He has just begun his career and has a very long way to go in the field of basketball. After a few years, he is surely going to get more famous because of his basketball game and it will be easier to gather his information about his salary.

Until then, readers please have the patience to know his earnings.

Jarrett Culver Net worth

Jarrett Culver is just in the beginning phase of his career. He doesn’t have revealed any information regarding his earnings and worth.

I guess he doesn’t have an impressive amount of worth at present but seeing his basketball games and his moves in it, he surely is going to earn a massive worth in coming future.